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  1. tnguyen444

    tnguyen444 Member

    I like the epics new voicemail, but what happened to the old sprint voicemail? I had some old important messages on their with information I still need to retrieve from them.

  2. gme109

    gme109 Well-Known Member

    You can still access your voice mail by dialing your own cell phone number. You'll probably find your old messages on there, even though they're not showing up on the visual voice mail.
  3. RTan

    RTan Well-Known Member

    Send all your important voicemails to your email account. Note that the voicemail server will delete the saved messages after certain days. Do the following to send them to your Email account:

    1) Tap on the Visual Voicemail App
    2) Playback the message
    3) Tap on menu
    4) Select "Forward"
    5) Enter your email address
    6) Send
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  4. tnguyen444

    tnguyen444 Member

    I called my own number from my phone and another phone but it took me to a greeting to setup my new voicemail, instead of giving me the old greeting.
  5. rckozma

    rckozma Well-Known Member

    Did you have visual voicemail before? I remember when I got my Instinct 2 years ago, it was the first phone that had visual voicemail so when they ported my number to the instinct it wiped out all of my voicemails and my greeting. But ever since I have been on visual voicemail and upgraded my phones I have not lost any voicemails. I went from the Instinct to the Hero to, now, the Epic.
  6. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Well-Known Member

    yep. going to visual voicemail pretty much resets your voicemail. I would get a google voice number and have missed calls forwarded to it. Then download the google voice app and you can switch phones to your heart's content and never worry about losing voicemails. The app is pretty seamless on android phones, you can get text message and email transcriptions as well even though they're not always accurate.
  7. tnguyen444

    tnguyen444 Member

    I never had visual voicemail before. I went from the touch pro 2 to the epic. Can anyone confirm if my emails are kept or has been deleted before I actually go set it up? I don't want to set it up and realize later that they could have been saved.
  8. gme109

    gme109 Well-Known Member

    Call your cell phone number and check, before setting up visual voice mail.
  9. I use google voice for my voice mail so I never have to worry about things about this - unless google goes off line I can get them, and that could happen but not likely as much as it is for sprint to loose the data so I use google
  10. tnguyen444

    tnguyen444 Member

    Yea I called my cell number and it goes to the setup for my visual voicemail. O well, I guess my messages have been deleted. Just wish that sprint had told me this before I changed phones so I could save the information on those messages.

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