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What happened to Rouge Radio Recorder?? alternatives??

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  1. damang111

    damang111 Member

    Rouge Radio Recorder was the best internet radio app/recorder out there.
    The genre browsing, search, track listing, recording was flawless.
    Why is it gone???? It's listed as DELETED from the android market.

    Are there any alternatives out there?
    I've looked at Radio RIP lite but seems buggy (won't let u select what station u want to listen to) and it looks more like a stream ripper rather than a radio app/recorder.

    any ideas?


  2. damang111

    damang111 Member

    anyone know?
    does android really have no decent internet stream recorder app?

    that's pretty sad to say the least.
    so far I have tried: Radio RIP, not very good. I need something I can casually play and start recording if I like it. with a decent track/title listing.
    Broov Adore: would do a good job if it didn't ALWAYS record and if I could actually stop the player. the app isn't even listed in the standard taskmanager, nor does it stop when "exiting" and it's not even displayed in the taskbar.

    Will Android always be subjected to sloppy, inferior app coding, nerfed apps?
  3. damang111

    damang111 Member

    no one?
  4. damang111

    damang111 Member

    I'm gonna bump this again.
  5. sloheim

    sloheim Well-Known Member

    Obviously nobody here knows the answer to your questions. Perhaps you should try contacting the developer?

    Neferty Solutions

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