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  1. Phoenix Zero

    Phoenix Zero Well-Known Member

    Exactly what is deleted/defaulted? Will I lose anything on my SD card? Do you lose all of yours apps? Can paid apps be redownloaded? Do you lose root? Do you default to out-of-the-box 2.1 build?


  2. saphilip

    saphilip Member

    you lose everything on your phone, all sd card data will be preserved...so basically you lose all apps, home screens(if you use launcher pro you can back it up)..sms messages, contacts(just reload your gmail account all that should come back), etc etc
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  3. Phoenix Zero

    Phoenix Zero Well-Known Member

    Do you lose root if you are rooted and do you default back to 2.1, if you have 2.2?
  4. mortymouse

    mortymouse Well-Known Member

    Yes it defaults back to out of the box. It will not delete your SD card or anything on it. You will loose root. All of your paid apps will be loaded and ready on the Market when you sync up again, so no worry loosing those.
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  5. saphilip

    saphilip Member

    i think you need to flash sbf AND do a factory reset to get 2.1 back, if i read correctly trying to flash back to 2.1 will cause a boot loop then you will have to wipe your phone anyways, i could be wrong
  6. Phoenix Zero

    Phoenix Zero Well-Known Member

    Okay, so I did the factory reset and just FYI, for anyone who may search for this thread in the future...

    I was rooted. I had the leaked 2.2 update.

    I did the factory reset through the settings. Successful.

    I retained root (Superuser Permissions was already installed, and in the app drawer) -- maybe moving the su file to the /xbin folder had something to do with it. I retained the 2.2 update. Purchased apps were in the market. The free ones weren't. SD card wasn't affected.
  7. melissa894

    melissa894 New Member

    I have the Huawei Ascend(m860) and ive been getting this message when i try to call/txt:"Sorry! The process com.android.phone has stopped working unexpectedly.Please try again." Everybody has been telling me to factory reset my phone. I'm a little IFFYY about it tho.

    So Questions i have: What happens before?
    I know to go to: Settings>Privacy>Factory Data Reset, but,
    Can i take my SD card out so i wont lose all my pics/music files?
    What about my apps i.e: Facebook,Gmail, etc? Will i beable to log back on using the same info as before?
    I know i have to re-download apps so ive made a list of the apps i have.(pretty smart huh?)
    And i have "MyBackUp" pre-installed on my phone. ive backed up everything(well tht i know of).
    OK! What happens after i reset my phone?
    Like the things i backed up, where do i go to get them and how?
    I know this is alot of questions and im sorry, i just dont want to make a mistake. i dont have insurance on my phone and i cant afford a new one if i mess this one up. PLEASEE HELP!

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