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  1. xxBryce10xx

    xxBryce10xx Member

    Hey guys this is going to be my first Android phone so sorry if this sounds really dumbs First off Im getting this from Tmobile without a data plan, so Ill only use the web features and the happenings widget at home. But what happens when Im at school? Does my bill run up cause im using data or does nothing happen at all? Can someone please explain to me?!?

  2. sookster54

    sookster54 Well-Known Member

    You would have to manually delete the APN in the network settings, or just add .disabled at the end of the APN address.
  3. xxBryce10xx

    xxBryce10xx Member

    And how would i do this?
  4. BColeKid

    BColeKid Member

    Did you figure this out? I am not certain of your question. I have the charm without a data plan. I only use the web when I am connected to wi-fi. Since I am not signed up for data, when I am not connected to wi-fi, the phone does not attempt to fetch or upload data.

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