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What happens when I clear data for certain apps.

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    oOoMAJESTICoOo Well-Known Member

    I really need to free up some space for future downloads. Before I just go ahead and clear data for random apps there are a few I'm quite sceptical about doing this to in-case it deletes certain things that can take a while to get back to the way it was before, if at all.

    *HTC SENSE 2.42MB I don't use sense I use LauncherPro and don't plan on going back to sense in the near future.

    *Facebook 2.52MB

    *Facebook for HTC Sense 9.08MB <- I don't use this, I only use the above Dloadable app from the market.

    *Google Maps 1.48MB

    *Contract storage 9.52MB really? HOW? if i was to remove all my contacts and save them to my sim instead would this sort out the issue? I've noticed over time that certain contacts I have like 10 duplicates for, I think this is because I had difficulty getting facebook profile pics as contact pics. Is there away for me to go through every contact and delete these unneeded, useless contacts?

    ^^Are the main ones id like to find out about^^

    The following few apps I'm guessing if I clear this data it will remove certain settings from my phone but I would still like some info on this if possible.

    *Settings 14.74MB

    *Astro File Manager 96.00KB Manage space? what will that do?

    *FolderOrganizer 1.11MB im guessing that will remove folders & icons if i was to clear this data?

    Thanks for reading and any info you have on any of the above I will be very grateful.

    Thanks again.

  2. williamj1

    williamj1 Well-Known Member

    I've wondered this myself many times. I don't want to risk losing saved game data so I won't delete that but I know that clearing data from google maps doesn't delete bookmarks etc. It resets the app's settings so like you get the first boot message about how to work it etc but once you skip all that all user data remains.
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    oOoMAJESTICoOo Well-Known Member

    Come on peeps there must be someone who can give me some answers?


  4. HTCandroid

    HTCandroid Well-Known Member

    right im not positive on everything so dont come after me if you lose everything :p

    HTC sense: would of thought this would just be settings for that, scenes etc. if you dont use it id say no problem wiping the data.

    Facebook: for some reason my facebook data keeps building up to, i just delete data and have to re-enter email and password.

    Google maps: i delete data for it, dont use google maps really so having nothing to lose.

    Contacts storage: think the big memory is where you have synced it with facebook, removing that would lower it id imagine, but i prefer to have mine all synced. I had the same problem with duplicated contacts, at one point it took over 30mb memory, i aint 100% as it was a while ago but i think i done the following...

    deleted facebook from accounts and sync, cleared contact data and then rebooted. My contacts are synced with google so simply got them all back from there, re-synced with facebook with no duplication problem. but now i do have 9mb odd of contact data.

    settings: i wouldnt delete as im guessing its all the settings you have made for your phone!

    Astro file manager: no idea sorry but wouldnt bother deleting for the sake of 96kb just in case

    Folder organizer: dont use it so wouldnt know, but i think you are right as in it will remove whatever you have done with it
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    oOoMAJESTICoOo Well-Known Member


    I cleared data for facebook for htc sense aswell, i thought it may have removed all my contact pics but it didnt. /phew
  6. johnvdenley

    johnvdenley New Member

    My Contacts Data is over 18Mb...

    Now I know I have a lot of contacts (I use googlemail as my main contacts list, so that syncs with my phone) and I love the facebook integration, but still 18mb? seriously?

    Ive noticed that I can "link" contacts... but how can I merge them? I think a lot of the time I get a contact in gmail and then i get someones mobile number then their landline number and this creates 3 different contacts, unless Im concentrating!
  7. Chilly McFreeze

    Chilly McFreeze Well-Known Member

    "Facebook" is the Facebook app, clearing it out will clear the history of the app AND your login details, so you'll have to enter them again the next time you use it

    "Facebook for HTC Sense" is Friend Stream, so deleting it has no effect if you don't use Friend Stream, and if you do all it will do is clear the history out.
  8. DC E1G

    DC E1G Well-Known Member

    From my experience clearing contact storage did nothing but delete call logs. I never noticed any other changes. I backed up my contacts to the SD first before I did clear it though. Just in case.
  9. StevenSeed

    StevenSeed Well-Known Member

    This deletes all your contacts to, or it did when I did it. :(
  10. JohnnyBravo1000

    JohnnyBravo1000 Well-Known Member

    When you clear the data of an app it usually wipes any settings, edited options etc and restores the app to its default state.

    Deleting the data of "contact storage" all depends on where you store your contacts. If you store them on the one itself, it will delete them. If you save your contacts to Google, it won't delete them.
  11. Chilly McFreeze

    Chilly McFreeze Well-Known Member

    Well it will delete the local copy, but the phone will download them again the next time it syncs.
  12. StevenSeed

    StevenSeed Well-Known Member

    Now that I think about this, it was before I migrated everything to google contacts. But what's to stop the empty contacts on your phone syncing with google the opposite way so that it actually deletes all your contacts in google rather than the other way round? :confused:
  13. scorpionatthepc

    scorpionatthepc Well-Known Member

    All my contacts are stored on my sim card. Phone contacts anyway.
  14. scorpionatthepc

    scorpionatthepc Well-Known Member

    Just deleated my facebook data and gained 15mb.
  15. BurnCK

    BurnCK Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately this will build up again quite quickly...
  16. gpshslax

    gpshslax Well-Known Member

    If you remove the facebook entry from accounts and SYNC it will largely take care of this problem. You still get a small about of cached inof but not nearly so much as with the sync options checked.
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  17. scorpionatthepc

    scorpionatthepc Well-Known Member

    Thanks will give it a try.
  18. DNick

    DNick Well-Known Member

    I would like to know this as well.
  19. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Like jb said, if you clear contacts data, its not deleting contacts, its clearing them out.

    If you manually delete a contact, it puts a delete action in gmail and deletes it.

    If you edit a contact either on the phone or gmail, the older version is overwritten

    Not sure how you would end up with empty contacts or what that even mean
  20. Raskolnikov

    Raskolnikov New Member

    Howdy - HTC EVO dude here who's been constantly harangued by the LOW DISK SPACE message as of late.

    I went through and moved every app I could off to the SD card, but even doing that only left me with like 50 MB free - not nearly as much as I'd like to be comfy. Some great stuff in this thread, though. I've been afraid to open the Market lately because everytime I do, it wants me to update stuff, then the installs fail because i don't have the hard drive space, and it makes me nervous.

    I deleted the data from Facebook for HTC Sense (haven't used the Friend Stream in months) and am going to delete the Facebook app data, too. So if you delete the data for the official app, does it remove all of your Facebook contact photos? Hope not.
  21. jaree55555

    jaree55555 New Member

    i have a tmobile g2:x and when i clear my data on 1 of my games it deleted everything now i got to start angry birds over :(

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