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What high end phones do you think virgin Mobile probably get next?

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  1. SuperAfnan

    SuperAfnan Well-Known Member Contributor

    Yep, anyone want to take a guess?
    Virgin now has a bunch of new phones like the reverb, one v, etc. Do you think we'll get the s2 like boost mobile did? The one x or one s? Any other guesses?
    Our evo's are sweet especially with wimax 4G. Maybe we'll get lte phones late next year?

  2. kagevazquez

    kagevazquez Well-Known Member

    I think we will see a phone with Wimax since we just got it and lte is the most complicated costly thing ever so I don't think we will see that to steer 2015 when Wimax dies
  3. sounreal

    sounreal Well-Known Member

    Whatever it is its gonna have some type of show stopping bug(s)/problem(s) and they will still happily sell them.
  4. SuperAfnan

    SuperAfnan Well-Known Member Contributor

    you guys have good points, by 2015 we'll have new phones with other data technology most likely.
  5. coco3133

    coco3133 Well-Known Member

    A windows phone that is a year or 2 old by the time we get it :p
  6. Enroll

    Enroll Well-Known Member Contributor

    We might get a flip phone with a 3 mp camera and they will call it the big news. Well who knows im might be switching to t mobile with my parents :).
  7. SuperAfnan

    SuperAfnan Well-Known Member Contributor

    LOL :3
  8. Leslie Ann

    Leslie Ann Well-Known Member Developer

    We will likely only see Wimax phones for another year or two.

    The good news though is that it may actually only be a year as the options for 3g only phones will begin to dwindle as will Wimax phones. They can't sell Wimax phones right up till the time they kill it. I think the fact that Sprint only has 3 prepay on Wimax indicates they really have no intention of extending the contract for it. Worse, some Wimax towers are being converted to 2g, 3g and LTE only and Clear shows no interest either.

    As for LTE, that is a 10 year plan, it's not going anywhere anytime soon, so don't expect any new breakthrough anytime soon.
  9. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    The thing is Wimax costs Sprint next to nothing, if enough people switch to wimax enabled phones in the prepay sector they could quite easily extend the contract past 2015, the real issue becomes whether to take the chance on investing in new wimax phones. I seriously doubt that we will see that happening.
  10. qu4ttro

    qu4ttro Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't be surprised to see the Galaxy S II one the Evo V had been out for a while. Maybe some other (mid range?) WiMax-equipped Sprint bread crumbs. And eventually the iPhone 5, probably next summer.
  11. Leslie Ann

    Leslie Ann Well-Known Member Developer

    Sprint usually doesn't put the same phones on both prepay services. Since Boost has the S2, we won't get it. We won't get the Nexus either.

    Realistically, we won't see anything new for a while after all the recent activity.
  12. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    Again as far as getting a new flagship phone doesn't really give us many options because it would have to be Wimax enabled and there aren't many devices left. And Sprint's willingness to come out with a new phone is doubtful.
  13. gamikzone

    gamikzone Well-Known Member

    the galaxy s3 :p maybe in 2 years, i tried the galaxy s3 honestly i thought it was 2 big :D i had it for 2 weeks and almost dropped it many times.
  14. imabitfighty

    imabitfighty Well-Known Member

    the EVO 3D was basically the best wimax phone made.

    all the others are a generation older than it or have inferior hardware.

    I REALLY doubt anyone is going to manufacturer a new wimax phone just for virgin and the prepaid sector, but stranger things have happened.

    I think virgin has a pretty decent phone selection now. two versions of the iPhone, 1 high end 4G phone, lots of mid range phones with variances in screen sizes and keyboards, and some low end phones at barebones prices.

    If they do add anything new it will be phones that beef up the mid range phone area.

    like weve seen with the One V, the Galaxy Reverb, Kyocera Rise, the chaser and the like 7 other android phones it has now.

    I will say it IS good to see phones of all price ranges ship with at least ICS. really helps to put ICS in all sections of the market pretty quick.

    what I REALLY want to see is virgin america doing what virgin canada does, where you pay off the cost of the device over time while still prepaid. I'm sure that would convince a LOT more people to buy the iphone

    theres no way they would be able to have a version of the iPhone 5 without that kind of plan, or we'd have seen the iphone 5 announced for virgin already.

    I'm actually willing to bet that within 6-8 months, virgin will completely change its pricing and payment structures, re-launch with a similar method to virgin canada, and offer the iphone 5 as its first LTE phone.

    I mean first of all, the iphone 4 and 4s are years/generations old now and their off contract price still demands upwards of 500 bucks.

    the iphone 5 off contract price just scares me. they wouldnt sell it if they force people to buy it as is. there HAS to be some kind of payment structure for it. I just dont really see it being released without that.
  15. sounreal

    sounreal Well-Known Member

    I think its gonna be the Samsung Epic 4G Touch or Motorola Photon 4G.
  16. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    The Samsung Epic 4g Touch is Sprint's version of the S2, which is already on Boost so that's highly doubtful, and the Photon is really the only Wimax enabled phone that's not yet on either prepaid carrier, going by how Sprint has been doing tit for tat lately that would hopefully make Virgin the next in line. Time will tell. Since both prepaid carriers have just recently had Wimax enabled phones and service and Sprint's network vision is just beginning rollout in most areas , I personally can't see us with an LTE phone within the next 12-18 months.
  17. Leslie Ann

    Leslie Ann Well-Known Member Developer

    They cost of it would be what the 4S is now on Virgin.

    There is nothing stopping them from putting it on Virgin right now, considering people have been paying thousands to jump line for a 5, do you really think a hundred dollars or two will stop them? They use high end phones and services like LTE as a lure to get you off prepaid and onto post paid.

    When the hype around the 5 dies down enough, then they will consider it for prepaid, and generate hype there.
  18. billm261

    billm261 Active Member

    They paid Clearwire millions for unlimited access through 2013. Hardly nothing but more like a "bought and paid for" situation.

    Clear is on record as keeping it alive through 2015.

    Wi-Max will die as Clear is going to start building their own LTE network along side Wi-Max and eventually shut it down.
  19. notebooko

    notebooko Well-Known Member

    IPhone 5 won't be for a while. It has lte not wimax.
  20. sounreal

    sounreal Well-Known Member

    I know what a Samsung Epic 4g Touch is and its still selling. Its not to many more wimax phones they can bring over so why not one of the best?
  21. qu4ttro

    qu4ttro Well-Known Member

    IPhone 4/4S don't have WiMax either, that didn't stop Virgin from offering them.
  22. SuperAfnan

    SuperAfnan Well-Known Member Contributor

    That would be sweet! :cool: But the crazy price would drive people away
  23. Leslie Ann

    Leslie Ann Well-Known Member Developer

    I beleive the contract was through 2015.

    Clear has already rolled out some LTE, but they have also shut down some less profitable Wimax towers, So I wouldn't count on it lasting much beyond 2015.
  24. EdAndInn

    EdAndInn Well-Known Member


    There is no point for VM USA to release new 4G Wi-Max phones. The 4G Wi-Max is not available in suburbs or remote areas. It is availble on;y in and near metro areas. Hence, new phones with 4G Wi-Max are not good for consumers. May be Sprint should speed up their LTE network deployment and introduce 4G LTE phones for VM USA customers. I think people will buy premium 4G LTE phones on VM USA and will even pay 45 USD per month for entry level plans.

    Until then 3G phones with original 25 USD per month plan will be a great marketing strategy.

  25. gary93

    gary93 Well-Known Member

    Motorola razr/maxx/HD ?

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