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  1. mavkain

    mavkain Member

    So there are threads on different tablets and what they do. Being new to all this I want to put out my expectations and if anyone has input.. I'd love to have it.

    I want a 7" tablet that I can:

    Read ebooks on. PDF files for a few 100kb to 10's of Mb in size.
    Watch movies and TV episodes
    Surf the web, email and IM (WiFi)
    Use Apps like To do lists, timers, time management stuff ( I have ADD so need stuff like that)
    Games. I'm not looking for big 3D things. I got a computer for that.
    Was thinking of drawing or sketching programs or CAD but that's not important.

    Price is the major issue. $150 ish is my target.

    Any thoughts?

  2. twokatmew

    twokatmew Member

    If you find such a device, please post back. I'm looking for the exact same thing for very similar reasons. :D I'll post back when I find something, too.
  3. mavkain

    mavkain Member

    There are lots of tablets in that price range that may do most of what i want to do but I will not jump in and end up with a paper weight lol
  4. brbakrider

    brbakrider New Member

    Check out the Freebird. READ both options, one has hard screen but you have to touch twice (not double click) the other has more ram. 15 bucks for twice the ram is worth it 79 total. 10" for 159 I think. That's where I will go when I'm ready to upgrade. If anybody has better deal please let me know.

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