What inspires you to like the aria over the backflip?

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  1. Snow_Fox

    Snow_Fox Well-Known Member

    I know backflip received alot of hate..

    I'm curious as to why the aria is being accepted more so... despite the fact that it really isn't that much of an improvement...

    I mean I understand the sentiments against the backflip.. and most will agree.. great phone.. Not a great example of android itself..

    The aria is realistically not much better hardware wise :/... it is still not a "premium" phone.. and you are paying "premium price" for it..

    Plus at&t has a history of not updating phones.. or updates creating more problems than they fix..

    I wonder if the aria is only more accepted because the backflip came out.. so people now know what to expect..

  2. Ambictus

    Ambictus Well-Known Member

    Hardware wise it's significantly better. The newer MSM generation is quite a bit better than the old. The Aria is fairly well received because it's exceptionally functional. The phone moves along mostly lag free. Though I suppose I'm not quite the person you're asking as I was one of the people that defended the Backflip.

    Anyway... Aria has 2.1, Sense, the MSM7227 and has a good compact frame. It's not a super phone nor is it meant to be. It works well for a lot of people but certainly not for everyone.

    Hopefully the Captivate or a high end HTC will launch soon to satisfy the power hungry Android fans.
  3. mkeath

    mkeath Well-Known Member

    The Aria is a good example of an Android phone made by HTC, a good example of a handset manufacturer. It's just a good phone for a lot of different people.
  4. Snow_Fox

    Snow_Fox Well-Known Member


    Hm.. My girlfriend hasn't really complained about lag or anything with her backflip..

    To be honest.. the captivate is interesting with the hummingbird..

    However, if one thing being in this forum has gotten me to reflect on... its the fact that at&t views "updates" to phones as pretty low priority.. So.. I wouldn't hold my breath for the samsung getting anything that It didn't come with stock as far as updates go..

    Back to the aria.. I suppose my problem is that people seem to settle on it easier and it is going down so much better than the backflip.

    I haven't had a chance to play with any aria's.. however, I can't imagine it being that much more spectacular over a backflip.

    I think of it pretty much as a phone that serves the same purpose as the backflip.. if anyone wasn't really into iphone but, wanted a smartphone.. it was a possible option to offer..

    I mean I realize that I don't represent the majority of the population by any means.. but, I was surprised so many people saw the aria and said "eh works for me!"..

    I mean.. I don't trust at&t to really ever let any devices they get for android upgrade..
  5. Ambictus

    Ambictus Well-Known Member

    Perhaps it's Sense? It seems that Sense really polishes up Android and with how smoothly the Aria runs it seems to really enhance the experience.

    As for the Backflip, my wife hasn't complained about it lagging either but it does lag in comparison the the Aria. Really it seems to me your biggest issue is you're underestimating the MSM7227. Other than that the Aria is simply a solid low to mid-range Android offering.
  6. tsanuri

    tsanuri Well-Known Member

    How about android version 1.5 to 2.1. Why they would have released a phone on 1.5 just blows my minds really.
  7. maerlim

    maerlim Well-Known Member

    One word: Blur.

    Seven words: Blur wasn't ready to run on 2.1.
  8. Cronis

    Cronis Well-Known Member

    maybe it doesn't look a lot different on paper... but in real life use the Aria blows the backflip out of the water. Everything runs so smoothly on the Aria its insane. I have even run a few games that are only recommended for high end devices and they all run at a very acceptable FPS. Thats a far cry from the Backflip my friend uses... that thing stutters all over the place and he runs the task killers and watches his app usage to try and keep it semi smooth... it still stutters. I hate seeing screens lag as they scroll down webpages or flip threw home screens, and the backflip does.

    - I also really like sense... just a very refined overlay, nice music player etc
    - we have 2.1 on the Aria (will probably end up getting 2.2) vs 1.5 on the backflip which will get 2.1 eventually (2.2 is doubtful)

    then you have the formfactor... frankly, and no offense intended, but the backflip is dorky looking ugly and thick (personal opinion).

    The Aria is a very slick tablet shaped phone. the design ques on it are classy and understated. Was in a meeting today and had several people comment on how great it looked. My co-worker saw my aria and used it little and is returning his backflip for one (1 day left on 30 grace period lol)

    oh and its not an expensive device compared to other phones in its range... if you have half a brain and shop around you can get it for $.01- $79.99 with 2 year contract/renewal.

    A note on the size... ok I'm not one of the people that like to carry a tablet computer in my pocket. I specifically wanted a smaller device. this fit the bill.

    I don't think its "settling" at all. I don't want some battery hogging 4.5 inch screen device that dies mid day. I want a nice user device that can fit in my jeans front pocket and get threw a day or two lag free on a single charge. so far the Aria does that for me

    lol Ambictus the amount you know about this phones seems like you might get one :p
  9. t-readyroc

    t-readyroc Well-Known Member

    I'd say:

    • Sense > motoBlur
    • 2.1 > 1.5
    • 384MB RAM > 256MB
    • MSM7227 > MSM7200A (not just clock speed, but graphics controller)
    Those are the major things. Full specs comparison here.
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  10. droidluv

    droidluv New Member

    I have the Backflip now and am nearing the end of my 30-day exchange period. Still deciding which way to go. Anyone switched from the Backflip to Aria and regretted it? There are some things I like about the Backflip...

    + LED flash
    + Camera can be front-facing (video chatting)
    + Larger battery (1380mAh vs 1200mAh)
    + Nice physical keyboard

    + Better processor, more memory
    + Android 2.1 (upgrade to 2.2 probably)
    + Snappy compared to Backflip
    + Sense is more polished than MotoBlur
  11. Snow_Fox

    Snow_Fox Well-Known Member

    Hm. understandable
    Ok.. lets not play the 'upgrade game' because, this is at&t.. I can understand your comments on overlay.. but, I see no reason to hold your breath on 2.2 for aria..
    as long as you remember its a personal opinion. I personally like it. but, again thats my own personal opinion.
    I don't think it looks horrible.. however, It just doesn't give off anything that says "notice me over X"... I almost feel like it looks more like a media player because of the way it is shaped and over all appearence.. which is a + or - depending on who you are I suppose.
    While that is true.. you can get just about anything free on amazon.. I know its always a bad idea to buy from the carrier.. it is still the idea of what they want for it..
    I realize this is just personal opinion.. but, I think your crazy! After using the evo.. I certainly wouldn't want anything bigger than 4.3" but, its not like the evo itself is some huge unwieldy sword.. I mean House phones are still far bigger.. and we don't use them to view the internet.. (horrible comparison since you bring mobile phones places I know) and while my girlfriends backflip isn't horrible to read... Using the Evo.. I felt like I was looking more at a "real computer screen" than any other phone I've ever used. If you want a small device I can't blame you.. but, I would never want to compromise screen size on a phone that I may end up using for hours on end.. I even worry if the 3.7" nexus one would be enough now. Especially when it comes to typing.. the evo was great.. I don't have big hands.. but, the keyboard was big enough for me to not fumble with excessively which is sometimes a problem with onscreen keyboards.

    While I understand not all of us want a mobile computer.. I suppose in some ways I only see black and white on the subject.. I mean.. Part of what makes android great is it is flexible and capable of changing to suit the users needs.. But, I would be worried that in a year.. I would be unsatisfied with an aria.. Something more powerful is always going to come out sure..

    But, anytime I buy something.. I want the option to do whatever I want to with it.

    Now with all that said.. Keep in mind I don't have an upgrade.. my e71x got washed.. and a friend gave me a samsung impression which just died... So if I have to spend 350$ or400$ for a full priced aria 150$ more isn't that much of a stretch since I do have the money and I will be paying full price no matter what..

    With that said.. if I had an upgrade.. a free aria is something I might settle on knowing it has decent battery life.. however, most of the people I know with ANY smartphone burn its battery up by midday.. and we are talking "normal" people.. not tech enthusiast.. So I suppose for me.. if I know I'm gunna use it heavily.. I may as well get something designed to get the most power.

    I am not trying to force my opinion on anyone here.. But, It is definitely nice to see some more insight as to why the aria is more welcomed.

    I wonder if it can be oc'd to 1ghz.. I have a friend who got her droid to 1ghz from 600 mhz stable 24/7.. hmmm
  12. Ambictus

    Ambictus Well-Known Member

    Chances are very good that I'll be getting an Aria ;)

    I think you've outlined the differences, now you just need to figure out if you can accept them. I know the physical keyboard is huge for my wife now that she's used one(and god is she fast on that thing!)

    HTC has promised 2.2 to all the devices released this year and I can't see any reason AT&T would deny this update. I think it's safe to say we'll see 2.2 on the Aria.

    The home phone comparison is a terrible comparison lol. The form factor is what makes the size of a home phone acceptable(actually I'd even say preferable). You can't grip a cell phone like you can a home phone. Despite the fact that I don't make many phone calls on my cell phone I think anything bigger than say the Incredible is just too big. I find it annoying to talk even my 3.2" touchscreen phone for long periods of time.
  13. Ambictus

    Ambictus Well-Known Member

    Forgot to comment on this part...

    I don't believe Qualcomm chips overclock very well. The OMAP in the Droid however OC's exceptionally well. I've heard of people getting 1.2Ghz stable.
  14. Cronis

    Cronis Well-Known Member

    well I don't keep house phones in my front pocket, but then i wouldn't want an evo 4G in my pocket either :p

    Yea I hear what your saying about the upgrade game, so its 1.5 vs 2.1 To me Android 2.1 is a big improvement over 1.5 (I mean there are 3 iterations of the OS between the two).

    lol if you wait till the next more powerful tech comes out you will always be waiting :D

    I hear what your saying about paying full price... idk if I was paying full price I might have gone for the nexus one as well. I was trying to get an early upgrade at one point and they where going to give it to me with a $75 early upgrade fee. Dunno maybe something to look into, better then full price but still a good bit.
  15. tsanuri

    tsanuri Well-Known Member

    Tell that to the Palm owners who AT&T, and only AT&T left out of an update just last week.
    AT&T has become the other potential problem in this game. They always want to say that software upgrades are from the handset makers. Yet anyone that has more than just a couple of brain cells knew that the carrier had a say when the upgrades went to the phone. And AT&T has now proven themselves as a roadblock for updates.
  16. Snow_Fox

    Snow_Fox Well-Known Member

    Hopefully the backflip will get 2.1 soon.. I've a feeling there is a reason it came out with 1.5.. and the reason we have only seen ONE 2.1 device out so far is because of the iphone which rolls out in 2 days.

    I try not to be a conspiracy theorist when it comes to at&t and apple.. but, I don't really think there is any denying it.. at&t has been slow to adopt even low end android handsets..

    As far as putting phones in pockets, I know that this is just my own personal habit but, I avoid putting any phone i care about in my pockets.. Well shirt pocket maybe.. but, definitely not jeans pocket. even *if* i don't accidently throw keys or something else in there, I just don't think of the pockets as safe or healthy..

    With that said I don't think the evo is even unreasonable as far as size goes.. you don't look that bad when you hold it up to talk..

    Although if ipad could make telephone calls I would laugh my butt off at people walking down the street holding it up to their head.
  17. Cronis

    Cronis Well-Known Member

    hmm that is true... but so far they have passed through updates to the backflip so would be odd if they didn't pass updates to their other android handset. Especially since AT&T have a pretty longstanding relationship with HTC where as their standing with palm is pretty new.
  18. Cronis

    Cronis Well-Known Member

    oh god lol that would be hilarious

    EDIT: sorry for the double post ><
  19. Ambictus

    Ambictus Well-Known Member

    And you're positive the Palm update is being held back by AT&T? It couldn't possibly be that Palm might need to alter the update for a GSM network vs the CDMA networks of Verizon and Sprint?
  20. lordmaxx

    lordmaxx Well-Known Member

    well, it could be that they are updating the antenna drivers as well. I seem to remember from multiple ROM changes to my Fuze that the antenna rom was separate from the rom for the OS.

    However, the main point to consider is that any update that is going to come to a device on AT&T is going to 'have' to go through AT&T post processing to, at the very least, lockdown the sideloading thing everyone is so worked up over. And any other 'tweaks' AT&T does.

    So I'd say yes, we will always have a slower update process than the good ol N1 or even some other carriers who don't mess with their ROMs as much.
  21. Snow_Fox

    Snow_Fox Well-Known Member

    At&t may not delay "updates" to backflip.. and we can argue whether or not its at&t or motorola who are responsible for the backflip not having 2.1 yet..

    However, the fact is the backflip still doesn't have 2.1

    And I don't want to push conspiracy theories.. but, there is certainly motivation on at&t to "reject" updates.. even if there isn't a hardcore agenda involved... politics are always a factor..
  22. tsanuri

    tsanuri Well-Known Member

  23. tsanuri

    tsanuri Well-Known Member

    It is moto as it not being ready there is not doubt there. The backflip got delayed for awhile and for some reason they did not bother to get it upgraded before release. The question is will they hold it once it is ready. And that nobody knows.
  24. lordmaxx

    lordmaxx Well-Known Member

    Well, we got 2.1 with Motoblur coming out for the DroidX on July 15th, so if Backflop doest update within the next month then you can start Blaming AT&T
  25. Ambictus

    Ambictus Well-Known Member

    Well, the Cliq came out first so if the Cliq gets the update and the Backflip doesn't a short bit later then you can blame AT&T... but something tells me it's Motorola dragging their feet on the 2.1 upgrade.

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