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What is a "token" file?Support

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  1. DroidRocker

    DroidRocker Well-Known Member

    I was trying to figure out what was gobbling up my SD Card space. What I see is huge amounts being consumed by files called "token" followed by a string of 13 numbers. Many are 9,361kb in size. What are they...and do I need them on my SD card??

  2. DroidRocker

    DroidRocker Well-Known Member

    By the way, they are under the .MAIL folder on the SD card and most are from one date.
  3. DroidRocker

    DroidRocker Well-Known Member

    Follow up...since nobody knows about this strange occurance... The files that I'm seeing on my SD card in the .MAIL folder certainly appear to be associated with the PUSH of mail. I have it set for every five minutes...and sure enough, every five minutes it puts a 2.4kb to 4.6kb file in that folder. After a day or so, it obviously ends up with thousands in there. I have to use "File Manager" to repeatedly go in there and delete them. Does anybody else see this occuring on your phone/SD card?
    Anyway to stop this?

    PS It also places attachments that I send AND receive in this folder.
  4. niseag03

    niseag03 Member

    I don't have a solution... I actually have the same question! I've gone in a few times to manually delete all the files, because its gobbling up my SD card so fast!
  5. dkm458

    dkm458 New Member

    I have noticed the same issue with my Droid Incredible. Tech support had no idea what was causing this and thought I had a virus, so they sent me a replacement phone. Other people at Verizon thought the SD card was defective and had me reformat the card and replace it. Nothing has worked. If I don't delete all the files on the SD card every few days, the card becomes full and I receive email errors.

    The solutuion I am going to try is to create a Gmail account and have my pop3 mail forwarded to it and then have Gmail sync to my phone. This way, the Token files shouldn't appear as my pop3 email will no longer push to my phone directly.
  6. dkm458

    dkm458 New Member

    So far, so good. Pop3 email successfully forwarded to Gmail which is being pushed to the phone. Deleted Pop3 email account on phone and I have not received a single Token file in a .Mail folder on the sd card.
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  7. Musky

    Musky Well-Known Member

    Good job deducing the problem and then following up with the solution. Thanks!
  8. sm0rgm

    sm0rgm New Member

    I simply deleted the files by connecting the phone by USB to my computer and selected to connect it as a disk device. Then I went down in the Downloads/.Mail folder and deleted the files. This was faster than using the file manager app in the phone, which took forever to open the .Mail folder since it had >21000 files in it using up about 700 MB of space.

    The next time I opened the mail app it said "Preparing SD device" for a short moment. Everything has worked fine after that and my mail is working faster than before. In my belief it is ok just to delete the files.

    (Apologises for adding to an old thread but I thought this could be helpful information for others with the same issue.)

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