What is best phone tracker for stolen phones?

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  1. tamivroma

    tamivroma Well-Known Member

    I just did a search on Android Forums trying to find the best app to install on my phone to find it should it end up stolen.....or as in my case....I dropped it while I was riding my horse in a national forest....uggghhh! I found it after hours of looking but thought it would be better to have something on it to begin with.
    All the threads I found were really old so I thought I would start a new one to hear some apps everyone uses. As I try them I will post my thoughts.

    First thought--is there one out there that you can turn on GPS remotely? I don't leave mine on as it drains the battery.

    Lookout-I just tried this one. It does come up on a map really well but there were two things I noticed right off the bat. First, there is always a little green icon running in the notifications window--I don't know about you but if I stole a phone, the first thing I would do is look at apps running. 2nd the scream feature doesn't get louder--if your phone is quiet...your problem. If i am missing something on one of these features, please enlighten me!

  2. lexluthor

    lexluthor Well-Known Member

    I like cerberus. Mainly because I can track multiple phones with one login, all for free.
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  3. jefboyardee

    jefboyardee Well-Known Member

    I carry Wheres My Droid as a security blanket, but with Plan B, I apparently don’t have to carry anything.
  4. funpig

    funpig Well-Known Member

    I settled on zoner.
  5. UncleMike

    UncleMike Well-Known Member

    +1 for Cerberus, but you must have gotten it early - it's no longer free.

    One problem I had with it recently was that it misreported a phone location - missing the mark by over 21km. I don't blame Cerberus though, as another app reporting GPS location reported the same erroneous location.
  6. akamad

    akamad Well-Known Member

    I like Cerberus too. It has additional features that are pretty handy:
    * You can set it to automatically take a photo of the user if they enter the incorrect unlock code, it will then send you an email with the picture.
    * You can remotely record audio, video and take pictures
    * You can set it to send an SMS (with location data) to another number if someone puts another sim card in your phone
  7. Adauth

    Adauth Well-Known Member


    Does everything and is only $4.95 for 365 days of full protection.
  8. CitizenIdeas

    CitizenIdeas Member

    AVG Free Anti-Virus has Anti-Theft feature.
    You can locate your phone by GPS position, and can make your phone ring remotely.

    There are couple of more feautures which are useful.
  9. mauiblue

    mauiblue Well-Known Member

    I checked out this app and I just had to have it. I always get corrupted to buy new apps when I visit this forum :eek:
  10. Clementine_3

    Clementine_3 Well-Known Member

    It allows you to register multiple phones on the same account, no additional charge.
    I have it as well, haven't needed to use it and hope I never do but it has a robust set of features.
  11. lexluthor

    lexluthor Well-Known Member

    Didn't know that.

    Still, you can install on multiple phones for free any pay for 1 tracking account, so not so bad.

    I wonder how it knows I'm free them. I never downloaded a license file or anything. Maybe just by the date I signed up for the account?
  12. Hook

    Hook Ever since DU... ;-) VIP Member

    To be clear, Lookout does this also. I have both of my devices on one account.

    Not arguing Lookout is best. It's what I have used a very long time and I am happy with it. I will probably check out Cerebus just because I am unfamiliar with it.
  13. AngryHatter

    AngryHatter Well-Known Member

  14. djedgarftw

    djedgarftw Well-Known Member

    +1 for Cerberus also have where's my Droid on one of my androids
  15. Stupifier

    Stupifier Well-Known Member

    I can't stand all these Stolen Phone tracking apps. If you've ever been in a situation where your phone is stolen (not lost, but stolen) and you try to track it, you'll understand. The whole market for this is just a gimmick.

    1. From a legal standpoint, tracking has no purpose if you track the device to private location (house, apartment, car, etc). Its not like you can kick in their door and grab your phone. Think about it. Even if you wait for anyone inside said location to come out, you really think harassing a total stranger is gonna yield positive results. Also as a sidenote, police don't respond to stolen phone stuff. All they do is file a report for insurance claim purposes.

    2. Turning on any kind of annoying sound on the phone is just asking the thief to pull the battery or just throw the thing against the wall. In any event, its not helpful.

    In the end, all the apps regarding stolen phones sound nice on paper but rarely ever result in a recovered phone. If the phone is lost or in good hands, these apps can truly help the owner. There is a HUGE difference.
  16. Tomo1971

    Tomo1971 Well-Known Member

    You can however wipe your data incl SD card with the app even if sim cards are swapped. In this day and age that's an important feature.

    Also, with kids having smart phones noe, been able to track them or their lost phone is handy. Our daughter has a habit of having her phone on silent. At least with blackberry protect I can make it ring even if on silent.

  17. djedgarftw

    djedgarftw Well-Known Member

    You have a point the data on their can be important I have never had my phone stolen but I have lost it and to be able to ring it when on silent like I always leave it is a good thing.
  18. fredpauling

    fredpauling Member

    1.When you first buy the phone, press *#06#. According to the Cell Phone Tracking website, a 15-digit number will display across your screen. That is your IMEI number, or your International Mobile Equipment Identity, number.
    2.Write this number down. Store it in a secret place. This number is only for you to know.
    3.Utilize modern technology. The Cell Phone Tracking website suggests you install PhoneBak, a system that calls your phone automatically when an unauthorized individual is in possession of your phone.
    4.Call your cell phone provider once you suspect someone has stolen your unit. Report it stolen, giving them the IMEI number. As the Cell Phone Tracking website points out, with this information the operator can block or track your cell phone.

  19. I think one of the best which is mainly used in android phone is "FonHome", but some like Device Locator, Trackmyphone, Phone trace 4, are also good to use.
  20. Hook

    Hook Ever since DU... ;-) VIP Member

    Your points are well taken, but in fact these apps don't really present themselves as stolen phone apps, at least Lookout doesn't. They present their functions as phone locators for "missing devices." If stolen, it is handy to do a data wipe, but even there, the thief probably wasn't after your data anyway.

    As you say, the apps are quite handy if you've lost or misplaced your phone. That seems hardly a gimmick, especially when offered for free.
  21. Stupifier

    Stupifier Well-Known Member

    Well, the title of this thread is "What is best phone tracker for stolen phones." I was simply responding to that...literally. Seems everyone else here is sidetracking the discussion into lost phones, wiping data remotely, locating or spying on your child, etc. Those topics are sort of related to tracking stolen phones....but not really.

    I think the end game is this.....if your phone is stolen by a thief (not some childish prank by a friend), its stolen. Get a new one....no app currently out will help you get it back. You can track it, wipe it, make it beep all you want...you aren't getting it back. All the apps sound like they will help but very practical obstacles will get your way.
  22. bmyfriend4life

    bmyfriend4life New Member

    But if its an expensive phone you can give it a try atleast. Say for example if you go to a hotel leave your mobile there, some cleaner takes it but doesnt tell anyone that he found it and if you go back and have an app installed which rings load or captures pic of cleaner it would definately help isnt it.

    Now for example if thief steals your mobile phone. You get to know its lost. You go to play.google.com from your friends phone install "Install when lost" app on your lost mobile and call it. The app takes pic from front camera and send you an email with the pic and location information. wont that be helpful? You can show it to someone in hotel and he might identify the guy.

    If an app like "Thief tracker" is installed on your mobile before its lost. Thief steals it and he might want to try to unlock your phone and see whats inside so when he fails with pattern/pin the app takes pic from front camera and send it to your email id. You can go to police station if you care.

    Samsung has built in app which sends message from mobile if sim is changed. That app is definitely helpful.
  23. ba1970

    ba1970 Member

    What if the phone's SIM was unlocked?
  24. AngryHatter

    AngryHatter Well-Known Member

    After too much downtime, cerberus.
    They follow even when the SIM is changed, I believe.
  25. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Is that one feature that requires root?
    I use it myself and it's great. Hopefully, I never have to actually use it though. ;)

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