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What is considered fast 3G & 4G speeds?

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  1. mhobizal

    mhobizal Member

    I get between 4Mps to 6Mps download speeds on 4G. Does anyone get any better than this?

    My 3G download speed is about .63Mps to 1.37Mps. I'm running a stock Gingerbread that is rooted.

  2. jbsg02

    jbsg02 Well-Known Member

    Sprint is so hit and miss with 3G speeds, my highest here in Dallas is about 1.4 down on 3G, and that was like a one time thing, sometimes I can get 700-1000 kbps, but sadly a lot of time im getting like 100 kbps or less
  3. 4-6mb is pretty standard for 4g wimax. I'm not 100% positive, but I think sprint's wimax is capped at 8mb anyway.

    3g speeds SHOULD be around 1.5-2mbps. However with sprints "wonderful" network, I can rarely get above 100kbps.
  4. EVU

    EVU Well-Known Member

    Sprint's new back haul updates are taking place & i have seen my 3G speeds go up from 300kbps to 1.2gbps consistently in the last week.
    Pleasant surprise.

    My 4G has always been in the 3-4gbps range.
    I know people complain about it over the last 2 years but not me.
  5. esthernrob

    esthernrob Well-Known Member

    i have found that speed tests depend on which test app you're using... since day 1 after root, i've tried numerous speed test apps, all with a wide range of results... where you're at, what time of day it is, cloudy, mercury and venus aligned... all seem to have some affect... so, i just go with what i get... sprint is so "weird" in my area any how... i'm roaming in my basement, yet in my driveway i get 3g... go figure...
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  6. mhobizal

    mhobizal Member

    I spent some time today talking to Sprint Network services. It was interesting to find out that there speeds vary per location and what cell tower you are connected to.

    I have a colleague at work that uses Verizon 4G and saw that on his phone he was receiving close to 20 to 30mb download speeds. I could not believe it!
  7. Texas Cop

    Texas Cop Active Member

    Here are my speeds...ping - 211ms, download - 279kbps, upload - 58kbps. Blazing huh???? Not!!!!
  8. rckymtn

    rckymtn Well-Known Member

    :confused:Those who still have the EVO and since the day of the release of the IPhone 4S what are your speeds on 3G? Been reading in the Sprint forums about how the IPhone is bogging down on the towers, but i believe it not just the IPhone, my phone speeds have been really slow and been around .50Mbps for a download and .53Mbps for upload, ping was 147 and those where taken by speedtest.net just about 5 mins ago. Yesterday i was getting .23Mbps download, .53Mpbs upload with a ping of 241ms. And when i went work at the parking lot i did the test on 4G and 3G, the 3g was .077Mbps and upload .072Mbps with ping of 165ms, for the 4G i got 3.07 download and 1.17 upload and the ping 144ms again this is outside, currenly i dont get 4G in my house the antenna 4G is on but uses the 3G.

    Thought about getting the 4S Iphone but not with the speeds being low.
  9. SmoovC

    SmoovC Well-Known Member

    The nice thing for us EVO owners is that the 4s cannot use 4g. :D
  10. DroidDaddyDo

    DroidDaddyDo New Member

    I just rooted my Evo 4G this morning with Gingerbread. Before rooting, speedtest measured 526Kbps download using PDANet. After rooting, PDANet download speed increased to 1.8Mbps. Then, I installed EasyTether and speedtest measured 2.1Mbps download. Woohoo!! That's faster than my DSL was !!

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