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What is DATA NETWORK MODE for?Support

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  1. titzlaroo

    titzlaroo Member

    Even when DEACTIVATED I can still browse the web, so why is it there an option to turn it on except to drain the battery life?

  2. Chad

    Chad Active Member

    Are you on wifi while still browsing the web? Deactivating data network mode just disables Sprint data (ie 3G data). I don't know if it affects 4G since I rarely get to use it living outside of the metro.

    What you're seeing is just a shortcut for going to Settings -> Wireless and network -> Mobile networks -> 3G Data
  3. toyman317

    toyman317 Well-Known Member

    Use it to turn off 3g when not needing it to save battery...or use a widget.
  4. titzlaroo

    titzlaroo Member

    No WIFI is OFF. If it only turns off 3g, that would explain why I can still access the web and my email with it deactivated (at times). However, it doesn't explain why having it ACTIVATED drains the battery so fast.

    The other day I the only thing I did was send 10 text messages and my battery was dead in 6 hours from a full charge. No WIFI, and nothing else running in the background. The next day with it DEACTIVATED...phone was at maybe 60% after a full day even when I supposedly used the 4G network to surf and retrieve email.
  5. Chad

    Chad Active Member

    With data mode deactivated and wifi off, you technically shouldn't be able to access any online stuff, so maybe you're seeing cached resources that were already downloaded... that or your phone is acting odd. All you should be able to do with data turned off is send text messages, make phone calls, and use the GPS, but that's about it. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

    As for the battery drain problem, mine only drains that fast if I'm in an area with little to no coverage. For example, when at work I get maybe 5% signal at my desk, and my battery will drain very fast if I leave everything enabled. I believe this is due to it constantly searching for a signal and boosting power on the antenna. For that reason I usually put my phone in airplane mode until I step out of the building. Doing this will keep my battery at above 90% almost all day. However, as soon as I enable data again it starts dropping fast with the low signal.
  6. anticitizenone

    anticitizenone Well-Known Member

    I bet its that thingie called "CarrierIQ" - read about that it drains the battery and I suspect that when its deactivated its not running

    also its the main reason I went to a custom ROM, besides the battery problem it can spy on you and stuff

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