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  1. james391

    james391 Well-Known Member

    Im just curious of what it does.i tried accessing it by holding back, volume down, and power buttons
    but it just takes me to the recovery screen (with the flash,backup/restore screen ect)
    i did have to flash a new recovery image after removing the clock work one.
    flashed the default recovery so I dont know what's wrong.

  2. redravenxo

    redravenxo Active Member

    Your question's content doesn't really seem to match your post title. I'm really not quite sure what you're talking about in the post itself- LoL. But I can tell you what emergency mode is. It is for making emergency calls (911). You can call 911 even if the phone is locked. Going into emergency mode also, I believe, enables GPS, if it is not on. That's just from the user guide since I can't really call up 911 to test it. (page 52)
  3. james391

    james391 Well-Known Member

    sorry u must be talking about Emergency Call nor Mode
    sorry for the misleading title!
  4. greg4android

    greg4android Well-Known Member

    if ya dont know what EMERGENCY MODE is, i definately dont ever recommend you going into it!!

  5. FNAKC

    FNAKC Member

    I've had to call 911 a couple of times on my phone, and I believe it said it enabled your location (GPS) for 5 minutes, I'm not sure if they meant so law enforcement could hone in on your location, if you didn't know where you were exactly due to stress or just unfamiliar with your surroundings.
  6. redravenxo

    redravenxo Active Member

    Ah, cool. Thanks for that. User guide wasn't very specific about it & I often keep GPS off when I'm just around my hometown, so it's good to know. If I'm being kidnapped, I'd like someone to know where I am. :)
  7. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus Contributor

    It(emergency mode) can be accessed to allow one to flash the stock firmware in case one bricks ones "V" as well. After connecting to P.C.,with power off,depressing the power button and the volume down button and the Back page button all at the same time will put the "V" into Emergency Download mode,allowing you to flash the stock firmware from an app that's compatible. OOps! Not sure that this is relevant to this discussion.
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  8. zapjb

    zapjb Well-Known Member

    Really. Being new to this. I thought bricking a phone meant during rooting process it's possible to damage the phone's BIOS. If that term is the same as in PCs. And thats it SOL.

    So flashing the stock firmware. Is that analgous to flashing ones BIOS on a PC? So it'd be wise to acquire the stock firmware as the ultimate CYA? And where are these stock firmwares to be had? Here?
  9. randomwit

    randomwit New Member

    None of the answers on the first page are correct.

    "Emergency mode" (referred to as e-mode) on LG phones is a mode that allows for flashing firmwares. It is often reserved for flashing after the phones has been messed up by improper flash or for cross-carrier flashing when the current firmware does not allow it.

    The answers on page one are more for "emergency call mode" or something similar.
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  10. jay stevenns

    jay stevenns New Member

    HI folks.
    I just bought this Two Chip Optimus LG968-f two months ago and it enter into "Emergency Mode!!" by itself.

    To enter : I just need to press power button to turn it off - sometimes when I press it on it comes back with that weird yellow screen and Emergency Mode!! at the center of the screen.

    To get rid of it : Take the battery out and wait for a long time usually around 30 minutes, put battery back, don
  11. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus Contributor

    welcome to the android forums jay stevenns.
    I going to move you to the device specific forum for your phone where they will be better able to help you.
    But first, you must tell me what model name your phone has. I googled LG 698-f and got nothing close to a phone.
  12. argie jamon

    argie jamon New Member

    ahhh,,igot it, thanks all of you guys ..i kept on thinking what is emergency mode..before...

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