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What is google play services?Support

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  1. LgOptimusM

    LgOptimusM Guest

    What is it? It randomly appeared in my manage application settings? It has the uninstall option. What would happen if I unistalled it? Its not an app though. Help!! :)

  2. StarScream2109

    StarScream2109 Well-Known Member Developer

    I don't suggest removing as it may cause problems with Google play :)
  3. qandres12

    qandres12 Well-Known Member

  4. I luv trolling

    I luv trolling Well-Known Member

    Google play is an updated UI for the android market. Deleting it will simply remove the update. You might have noticed your books are also updated.
  5. dr4sight

    dr4sight Well-Known Member

    those 3+ MB it takes up (Google Play Services) it just enough to bring on the dreaded LOW ON MEMORY message on my Optimus V.

    Is there no way to get rid of Google Play Services sort of rooting?
  6. I luv trolling

    I luv trolling Well-Known Member

    You can always uninstall the updates and you'll just have the stock android market (id suggest going into your settings and disablimg auto sync if you domt want those updates to pop up again)
  7. qandres12

    qandres12 Well-Known Member

    i dont think that had anything to do with it lol i always have auto sync disabled and the play services popped up on mine. at first they were doing it OTA but then they decided that if people wanted it they could just download it themselves
  8. ganpati23

    ganpati23 New Member

    I don't know where it came from. I wish they wouldn't install things on your phone without asking you.

    My touchpal keyboard stopped working, so I uninstalled and tried to r-download. (9.7MB, 14MB free).

    No space. (I don't understand why). So I just nuked google play services, re-installed and have 18MB free.

    Which also doesn't add up.

    btw, why can some things not b put on the SD card? Most of mine are, but some biggies like Hotmail or the keyboard won't go.

    I've got a 2 and a half year old HTC. Could have had a free upgrade 6 months ago, but haven't bothered.

    This phone pretty much fine for me. All I use are the download over wifi media stuff (like the BBC, Guardian, Independent and economist) so I have something to read on the tube or bus without having to pay for a newspaper.

    My touchpal keyboard (once you've got used to the swype style, you can't go back), dictionary, hotmail just so my phone bings when I have a new email (almost never replied from the phone) and the internet so I can check the cricket scores when I'm out and about.

    I don't really need much more, so I can't really justify an upgrade which will cost more (when I could go sim-only and keep the handset now, which would then cost even less.)

    But an extra few meg of phone storage would be nice - especially when there are loads of in-built apps I can't move to SD or can't uninstall that I don't want and never use.

    However, when they bring out the BBC iplayer with download, I just hope I have enough space to install it, and that it moves to SD.

    When I first got the phone, there were two unofficial versions. I was great - you could watch the progs you'd downloaded when on the tub. (Myplayer and Beebplayer I think they were called). But the BBC killed them off - and we're still waiting for an official app 2 years later.

    Why didn't they just buy the code?

    Anyone got any other space saving techniques?

    Cos nuking this play services thing has really helped me.

    Thanks for the thread - I read this and then decided to nuke it.

  9. silkphoenix

    silkphoenix Member

    It's ridiculous for Google to install this "app" without asking for authorization. Mine took 13 MB from my storage, as such, I have uninstall several of my other apps to avoid LOW STORAGE WARNING. Why do they need this anyway since Google Play has been working fine! If they really want to force this onto their users, they should give them an option to opt out! From what I can tell, this "app" does not improve any of Google Play operation, just another useless junk. Maybe if we complain enough, Google will let users to have the option to opt out.

    For those who gave 5 stars in play.google.com, what are you thinking? Maybe those are being rated by Google employees?
  10. Toastrman

    Toastrman Well-Known Member

    The way I look at it is "who cares. I need it for youtube" lol
  11. silkphoenix

    silkphoenix Member

    For those who needs storage cares.
  12. becs420

    becs420 New Member

    While tryin 2 free up room I've accidentally uninstalled google play serives now unable to get internet & use apps..PLEASE HELP!! How can I get backonline to re install it?? Any help greatly appreciated!!!!
  13. wessaf11

    wessaf11 New Member

    Go on to google, search google play services and there should be a link for it on the online google play store, click the link andsomething should pop up on your screen saying do you want to use "internet" or if you want to use "google play" click google play and you will be redirected to the google play services page on the google play app, you should be able to get it back from there, also make sure that on the google play services page one of the options say "deactivate" if it says "activate" then click it to activate your google play services, using this method you should be able to get it back but i am not 100% sure
  14. Samsung Use i

    Samsung Use i Well-Known Member

    or just wait until your phone notices it and installs google play services automatically...
  15. Vivafresh

    Vivafresh New Member

    Mine takes up 33 Mb... I really want to uninstall it, but I'm also afraid of something going wrong because of it.

    If it downloads itself like this, then it could at least have something to explain its necessity.
  16. Samsung Use i

    Samsung Use i Well-Known Member

    Um. without Google Play Services most Google-made applications will NOT update and/or work as most of them rely on this now. Sorry for such a late reply and for ultimately reviving this month-old thread. :/

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