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What Is "kworker" and Why Is It Draining My Battery?

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  1. Dankees

    Dankees Well-Known Member

    So, I've had my phone giving me problems for the last week.

    Most of it is explained here: http://androidforums.com/android-lo...-battery-drain-due-ghost-dial-prl-update.html

    Now, my phone had ghost dialed *22899 last Tuesday, and since then, the battery sucked. No one at Verizon or Best Buy new about this ghost dialing.

    I factory reset my phone. All was fine. I installed JuiceDefender Ultimate, and I was fine. The next day, same thing, I was fine.

    Two days after the reset, my phone ghost dialed *22899, and I was back to where I was before.

    Then, I was told to uninstall JuiceDefender Ultimate and see what happens.

    So, first, I just disabled it. Yesterday morning - it called *22899 again.

    Then, I actually uninstalled it yesterday. This morning - it called *22899 again, and stopped after 14 seconds, just like most of the other times.

    So, obviously, it isn't JuiceDefender Ultimate that is the problem.

    So, in my BetterBatteryStats - it shows this thing, "kworker" listed multiple times, and the red line is very long. So, what is this that is killing my battery? Where did it come from? How can I get rid of it and make sure it doesn't return?

  2. Dankees

    Dankees Well-Known Member

    The far right shows my battery loss in 30 minutes.

    My battery lost like 15% in only 30 minutes.


  3. Dankees

    Dankees Well-Known Member

    OK, I was thinking that the following might be a solution – what do you think?

    1.) Do a battery pull (with the phone on).
    2.) Do a full, factory reset (not a data reset).
    3.) After the phone completely restarts, add a contact for “Verizon” with the number: *22899
    4.) Manually dial that contact from the contact list.
    5.) Let the phone completely activate.
    6.) Pull the battery again.

    Does anyone think that this will stop the phone from automatically dialing *22899 and keep the PRL stuck at 52686?

    I can tell you that I did a full, factory reset over the weekend. After it restarted, I went to my settings and found that the PRL was already updated to 52686 (and it’s been that way ever since). Last week, after it updated to 52686, there was a time when it had reverted back to 15109, and then it went back to 52686 on its own.

    Anyway, is this worth trying? I really don’t want to have to do a full, factory reset again. Although, it may be worth a shot before I just go get another one from Best Buy.

    I just don’t want to have to go through the chance of getting a phone with vertical banding, and I have to talk them into putting on a replacement ZAGG screen protector.
  4. Dankees

    Dankees Well-Known Member

    Check this out, please - this is what is killing my battery.

    I had the phone fully charged. I didn't touch it for an hour and it dropped 4% (it used to drop 2% - my wife's still only drops about 2% each hour without putting the screen on):

  5. AngryHatter

    AngryHatter Well-Known Member

    "kworker" is a placeholder process for kernel worker threads,
  6. Dankees

    Dankees Well-Known Member

    That is so over my head. Why is it draining my battery? Where did it come from? How can I get rid of it? Please help me!
  7. !on

    !on Well-Known Member

    It means that's your phone working away in the background.

    Check all your settings to see what is set for syncing. Also look at your app list as some downloaded apps may be doing something naughty. An app such as Add-ons detector will let you scan for dodgy apps that install their own add-ons such as push notifications, ad-ware etc etc...

    It could just be one of the pre-installed apps is trying to sync & you haven't changed the settings yet.
  8. Dankees

    Dankees Well-Known Member

    Set for syncing? Like in my settings menu, with Yahoo! Mail & Tango? Are too many push notifications a bad thing?

    Well, I don’t use Gmail, might that be it?

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