What is "My Calendar", "My Tasks", "Contacts birthdays"?General

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  1. bobby2478

    bobby2478 Well-Known Member

    When selecting calendars to display, in addition to selecting my Google account calendars, and my Samsung account calendars, There are options for the following:

    My Calendar
    My Tasks
    Contacts' Birthdays

    Curious what these are if they aren't associated with either your Google or Samsung account? Are these stored locally on your device? If so, any idea how these get populated?

    When I had both my Google Contacts' birthdays set to display, in addition to "Contacts' Birthdays", I saw duplicate birthday reminders.

  2. LuvrGirl

    LuvrGirl Member

    Same here!!! I'm trying to figure it out also because the duplicate entries are bugging me and I really want to know why.



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