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  1. dmcd7782

    dmcd7782 Active Member

    hi everyone I rooted my last phone (unlocked it) my question is if I decide to root my new phone is there a way to create a backup of the phone so that if anything happens I can plug the phone into the computer or if that's not an option I can go to hboot install a back up and this backup will put the phone in a out of the box state and it will also change the status of unlocked or relocked to locked at the same time it does the back up?

    thank you

  2. Caro332

    Caro332 Well-Known Member

    full rom back ups can unfortunately only be done after the rooting is done. It's sort of a catch 22 I guess. But is something ever goes wrong, you do find stock roms on the internet that will restore it to a factory reset.
    You can however backup your contact messages, images, songs...there are a few apps on the ply store that can do that for you.
  3. CafeKampuchia

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  4. dmcd7782

    dmcd7782 Active Member

    thank you for the replies I'm not worried about my contacts since their connected to my google account and saved. I had a hard time finding the right rom for my phone last time as well as to try to downgrade hboot. if I do the clockworkmod will this also set it up that when I go to this recovery option it also changes unlocked/relocked to locked? do you think I should look up ways of rooting without unlocking it? if that's possible. just looking for a way to have more apps on the sd card

    thank you again :p

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