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What is rooting??? The answer

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  1. rahules

    rahules Well-Known Member

    So, I have seen a few posts asking about what is rooting, how its done, why its done and so on... Even though answers have been already given, these questions keeps on occuring, so here goes some information about rooting.


    "root" basically comes from Linux terminology. "root" is the super user, like Administrator on windows. root user have complete permissions, like to alter system files, perform system level updates and such.

    So, basically, "rooting" for android is the process of getting "root" permissions. That is, to modify the android operating system to get complete control over it.

    What the rooting process actually does is to upload a special program called "su" (consider this as short for superuser, actually it stands for switch user) which allows us to perform "root" operations.


    Before going to the process, I must warn you that you may brick (damage) your phone sometimes. But that is only if you are having a really bad luck. :D

    The process of rooting is a fairly simple process now a days. For phones running Android 2.2 Froyo (which includes Micromax A70), an app called z4root created by XDA Developers member RyanZA can be used.

    Just download the app and install it. Then open the app. Once it is opened, you can see two options : Permanent Root and Temporary Root.

    You are recommended to use the permanent root option. Once you click the option, the phone reboots (do not worry if it stays frozen for some amount of time). That is it, after the reboot, you have successfully rooted your phone.

    To confirm that you have rooted your phone, you can check your apps to see a new app called "Superuser" has appeared. This app can be used allow/deny root permissions to other apps.


    Well, after rooting, the first thing I did was back-up and un-install all the unwanted app using Titanium Backup. Be sure to back-up apps if you are not sure whether it is an unwanted app or a system app.
    Next thing I did was to backup the entire system using ClockWorkMod recovery (If you want a how-to, please ask). I would recommend that you do this step first.
    After that, some thing you can easily do are : change the boot animation, use scripts, and so on...


    The benefits of rooting are many. I will note down a few here :
    1. You have almost full control over your android.
    2. You can back-up restore your system.
    3. Change the appearance by modifying PNG's.
    4. Run scripts for performance and usability.
    5. Allows to remove unwanted apps, that are otherwise un-removable.
    6. Installing custom ROM's become so much easier
    7. SO MUCH MORE :)


    1. You may brick (damage) your phone (If you trust people in this forum, most of us have rooted our phones and there was no problem at all).
    2. Well, I am not sure, but rooting may/may not void your warranty as you are modifying the operating system from what was given to you by the manufacturer.

    Finally, here is a link that I have posted earlier. This is a post on XDA Forums with details on almost every basic thing about android.
    Dictionary for n00b - What is.../What does ...mean?

    I hope someone benefits from this information.

  2. insane_subro

    insane_subro Well-Known Member

    Rooting and Modifying the OS will void the warranty !! But you can easily get back to the state where you were any time :)
    And if things go wrong say you downloaded an app from the market !! The service centre people will buy it without bargain !!

    Wiki - How do I know ?
    I hard Bricked my phone twice and blamed Samsung people for that :)
    Soft bricked more than - lost count !!
    Played with the bootloader fked things up, went to Samsung Service Center with LG logo showing up on the screen!! when asked why, I said I dont know, it went off and when I turned it on LG appeared, I think LG people hacked it .... The bought my story and flashed with the latest firmware which I lateron distributed! :)

    Bottom Line : Enjoy the device !!
  3. rahules

    rahules Well-Known Member

    either those guys are really kind or they are really dumb lol
  4. sunil90

    sunil90 Well-Known Member

    I almost fell off my chair reading that lol
  5. nil22

    nil22 Well-Known Member

    question 1---->if after rooting I perform factory reset using recovery what will happen???? :)

    question 2---->if after rooting I uninstall apps using titanium backup then without restoring those apps,perform factory reset using recovery what will happen???? :)

    question 3---->if I restore all uninstall apps using titanium bcp then perform factory reset using recovery what will happen???? :)

    I am using stock recovery not clockmod recovery :D
  6. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    answered in general discussion thread already...
  7. Terry789

    Terry789 New Member

    hi...i installed font installer on my phone and then was asked to reboot the phone and i did but my phone froze :-( now it wont reboot...i have even tried to remove the battery and put it back but still it wont reboot...what do i do?
  8. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    it won't work
    boot to recovery and restore
    A70 does not support those things
    you need to flash fonts via recovery
    that is why ROM toolbox does not work like metamorph and ninja morph also ...
    btw this is not the place to ask that question
  9. mdimran247

    mdimran247 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys! Do I need to have any Linux/Unix knowledge to root the phone. You are playing with your phone but you guys are aware of what is going to happen.
    I want to speed up my phone.

    Please help!!
  10. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    Simple answer :
    No !!!

    Just use the Z4root app !!
    And hit a button in the button and voila you are done :p
    mdimran247 likes this.

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