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what is rooting ?General

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  1. robf1234

    robf1234 Member

    hi i am new to android and tablets and just about everything ,,so what is rooting ? does it invalidate warranty? could it do any damage to my device? is it easy? ,,can i go back to not rooted ?

    nexus 7 ,,,thanks,,rob

  2. CarsnGadgets

    CarsnGadgets Well-Known Member


    see the above section.

    in answer to your questions:
    1. rooting is basically unlocking functions of the device that are locked from the factory, and gaining access to the file and operating system that you cant otherwise access.
    2. Yes, it invalidates warranty.
    3. Rooting wont damage it, but if the process goes wrong you may end up with a "bricked" device that is hard or impossible to restore, It's unlikely but possible.
    4. Yes, usually.
  3. robf1234

    robf1234 Member

    thanks ,,all i wanted to do is play movies from a usb pen but tried everything but wont work yet they say it does with media importer app that i installed ,,
  4. CarsnGadgets

    CarsnGadgets Well-Known Member

    Does the app see the contents of your pen drive?, if not you need to make sure that the drive is formatted as FAT32 (although the latest version of the app should support NTFS, so that may also work.)

    I have the Nexus media importer app and an OTG cable (I posted the link on this forum to the app) and it works really well on my Nexus (non rooted).

    What format are your movies in?

    Try installing Vplayer, its a great app and worth getting the paid for version.

  5. blahblahyoutoo

    blahblahyoutoo Well-Known Member

    rooting is giving you admin access to the file system, which opens up the pathway to all kinds of other fun stuff.
  6. robf1234

    robf1234 Member

    hi i have the movies on mp4 ,,and the pen drive is fat32,,,med importer shows the files but keeps saying ,,unable to play file ,,,i have tried,, mx,,vlc,,,and a few others ,,,nothing works ,,even bought two cables just encase it was the that and two pen drives it has started to play a movies but freezes after a couple seconds ,,
  7. CarsnGadgets

    CarsnGadgets Well-Known Member

    install vplayer or rockplayer, you will probably find the problem is just that the stock video player cant handle streaming the file type you have on the pen drive.
  8. robf1234

    robf1234 Member

    i have both of these players when i try to play file its says __cant open this ___ what is going wrong am i the only one who cant get movies to stream from a pen drive ?
  9. tcat007

    tcat007 Well-Known Member

    Don't you need to root and use stickmount to do this?
  10. CarsnGadgets

    CarsnGadgets Well-Known Member

    no, rooting is only needed to write files to the usb drives, not read.
  11. robf1234

    robf1234 Member

    still cant get anything to work could it be my pen drives are to old, there about a year or so old or to slow ?

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