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What is Tattoo's standby time?

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  1. redmonk

    redmonk New Member

    Can somebody help me with the Tattoo's standby time with (GPS+WiFI+Background data on) and with all that off (normal conversations)?

    Improve Battery Life for the Android Based HTC Hero Smart Phone: link

  2. redmonk

    redmonk New Member

    From the spec: link

    Talk time:
    • Up to 342 minutes for WCDMA ~ 14 days
    • Up to 390 minutes for GSM ~ 16 days
    Standby time:
    • Up to 520 hours for WCDMA ~ 22 days
    • Up to 340 hours for GSM ~ 14h days

    Does it last for a week for normal conversation time?
  3. ZootHornRollo

    ZootHornRollo Member

    in general, how long does the battery last between charges?
  4. r00n

    r00n Guest

    That's pretty hard to say as it depends on what you've switched on. I got my Tattoo yesterday and the battery was already drained this morning.... so the only thing you can do it following the numbers in the post before.
  5. redmonk

    redmonk New Member

    Eeee! Thank you for a fare response! I was asking this question because I was thinking to bye a HTC Hero which I understood it will work for around 1 day and I was hoping that HTC Tattoo will last maybe a bit more.
  6. Terry1100

    Terry1100 Well-Known Member

    My experience has always been that smartphones (of whatever "flavour") need charging daily.

    My Tattoo is no exception. I now keep a spare mini-usb at work in case I've spent too much time playing games :eek:
  7. r00n

    r00n Guest

    I had to charge my Tattoo also after the first 24 hours. As it was the first day I played hours on it. I am really happy that I can charge the device with USB. Nokia does not have this feature. Of course USB charging takes longer than charging with a power adapter.

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