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What is the baseband version of your tablet?General

Your funbook baseband version?

Poll closed Sep 27, 2012.
  1. 1.0

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  2. 1.2

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  3. other (comment)

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  1. Devta

    Devta New Member

    I went to the store and tried out two funbooks , one with baseband 1.0 and another with version 1.2.

    The 2 differences I noticed were :

    1. The 1.2 version does not lock screen orientation in portrait mode.

    2. The 1.2 version does not show the panoramic mode in camera also.

    The above 2 things are available in version 1.0. It5 is strange that the newer versions lack features.

    Another thinf I noticed was that version 1.0 is found in slate gray and 1.2 in midnight black.

    Do comment if your tab also matches these things.


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