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What is the best android phone for

  1. EazyDuz

    EazyDuz Active Member

    I am seriously considering the San Francisco, but ive just finished a 2 year contract with Orange and i dont particularly like Orange anymore.
    I like the apps you can get for android though, like the Torque app for my car.
    I mainly use my phone for texting and calls, rarely the internet. And my budget for a phone plan is

  2. ComradeNF

    ComradeNF Member

    Try the Motorola Droid X.
  3. Sarius24

    Sarius24 Well-Known Member

    LG Optimus one.
  4. EazyDuz

    EazyDuz Active Member

    my budget is 100, not 300 for a droid x.
  5. EazyDuz

    EazyDuz Active Member

    Sorry should have mentioned my phone budget is
  6. Usta

    Usta Well-Known Member

  7. EazyDuz

    EazyDuz Active Member

    So with the san francisco. How much is it to get it unlocked? Also if it is unlocked, will it still load with lame Orange logos etc? Lastly, is it safe to rom it or is it possible to brick it?
  8. EazyDuz

    EazyDuz Active Member


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