What is the best place to find themes for the Galaxy I9000 please

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  1. hairy

    hairy New Member

    Just after some information on the best place to find some themes for my new Galaxy. I have not reaily started looking yet but if you don't ask you could miss that special "thing" to enhance the the look, feel and sound.

    Please delete this post I posted in the wrong section sorry. to many tabs open at the same. Have re-posted.

  2. saamlee92

    saamlee92 Well-Known Member

  3. anfearg

    anfearg Member

    A good place to start is ADW launcher available frree in the market. It replaces the poor Touch Wiz interface and you can also download plenty of themes direct from the market too...

    Hope this gets you started...
  4. voodooochild

    voodooochild Well-Known Member

    I was going to say ADW is probably the predominant option which has theme packs that can be downloaded from the market, but there are plenty you jsut need to to look though ADW is one of the most popular.

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