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What is the best SMS program?

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  1. lawnboy

    lawnboy Well-Known Member

    Interested in feedback on whether there is a better SMS program than Handcent?

  2. w_bovine

    w_bovine Well-Known Member

    Handcent usually takes the cake. What was the other one...chompSMS is pretty good, but I prefer Handcent.

    chompSMS - Android app on AppBrain
  3. puzlid

    puzlid Member

    Have been using SMS popup, found it pretty good and simple
  4. swanysto

    swanysto Well-Known Member

    Handcent is my personal choice. Chomp is good, but seemed generic in comparison.
  5. doctorbabe

    doctorbabe Active Member

    Bovine, might I ask why you prefer Handcent? I'm currently using Chomp but the grass is always greener.... :D
  6. dawnierae

    dawnierae Well-Known Member

    I tried Chomp briefly a couple of different times, but found Handcent to be much more customizable. For me, Handcent is the clear favorite.
  7. raisen

    raisen New Member

    Sorry for the thread jacking, but I have Handcent installed but somehow I get notifications on both Chomp and the default sms that comes with android. Is there any way to disable the default one's notifications?
  8. chrlswltrs

    chrlswltrs Well-Known Member

    I used Handcent for a long time, then when the X came out it started having problems. I switched to Chomp, I loved the options, I paid for it.

    Then handcent updated, it now matches what I had with Chomp, but for free. With the most recent update to handcent Chomp no longer has any advantages and handcent is free with no big ad on your conversation list :D

    I am back to handcent, even though I already paid to eliminate ads in Chomp

    So far nothing else compares. If all you want is a pop up, handcent's pop up is nice and has lots of options
  9. chrlswltrs

    chrlswltrs Well-Known Member

    This question is sooo old. Go into the default app -> menu -> settings -> disable the notifications
  10. raisen

    raisen New Member

    :) Thanks.. I was looking at the Manage Applications menu and I totally forgot to check the default one.. duh. :p
  11. KoukiFC3S

    KoukiFC3S Well-Known Member

    I love chomp, but I hate how it defaults to a white screen while launching the app even tho I have a black theme applied.
  12. mauiblue

    mauiblue Well-Known Member

    I've only enjoy two texting apps since owning my HTC Incredible - the stock texting app and Handcent. Both are great apps and they do what I need/want in a texting app.
  13. kat3k

    kat3k Well-Known Member

    The double notifications, default sms and handcent, drove me away from handcent. The solution mentioned in the quote DID NOT WORK on my Evo. And I tried everything else in the area of settings. Has this problem been solved?

    I shifted to chomp, paid, and have no problems. The UI of handcent was slightly more appealing to me and I would try it again if that very annoying double notification has been solved.

    I know lots of people had the same problem, with disabling notifications not solving it. Anybody know if this is now fixed? It's hard to tell from the market comments.

    But back to the thread question, I think both handcent (exc for dbl notf) and chomp are the best out there and have not found anything else to compare.
  14. imtoomuch

    imtoomuch Well-Known Member

    I agree! Stock SMS app plus SMS Popup is all you need!

    Handcent, in my experience, is one of the most overrated apps. It may look pretty and have some cool options, but it is much slower than stock.

    Chomp is pretty good and if it matures it will be great.
  15. Grozny

    Grozny Member

    I just got my evo yesterday. My 1st phone with any kind of apps on it.

    My wife and I both got one and I set up handcent on them both last night. I was able to set up mine to only give one notification. She was getting two still so went back to default, I will have to mess with hers later tonight to try to get it set up. It is possible though as I got it working on mine.
  16. PinkMirrorKirby

    PinkMirrorKirby Well-Known Member

    I don't know if I should replace my stock HTC message for Handcent?

    It certainly looks attractive.
  17. kat3k

    kat3k Well-Known Member

    Grozny: Well that's an excellent experiment if you got 2 Evos at the same time, so I would assume they should be identical. Please let me know if you come up with a solution.

    I wonder if it has to do with different soft or hardware builds. Since I tried everything, including uninstalling, reinstalling, etc, I believe it is in the programming of handcent and was hoping they'd fix it.

    I'm subscribed to this thread, so I'll be looking forward to seeing what you find out. Many replies have said "this is so easy to fix, disable notifications", and I'm sure for them it has worked. But it does NOT work for all.
  18. dawnierae

    dawnierae Well-Known Member

    Curious why it would be assumed to be a problem with Handcent's programming, when it clearly doesn't happen to everyone? If it were programming, wouldn't it happen more consistently?
  19. kat3k

    kat3k Well-Known Member

    Can't answer that since I'm not a programmer, but it worked fine until one of the updates, and that's when the problem of double notifications started. And while you're right that it does not happen to everyone, it happens to many. That's a real frustration.
  20. feedtheflame

    feedtheflame Member

    You guys say that the stock sms can also be pretty good? The only reason I went to handcent was cus my stock sms app started getting extremely slow and freezing up after not even a thousand messages in a thread. Now tjat I have like, over 3,000 in a thread, if were to ever try opening it up with the stock sms, my phone will freeze up so bad. I have an HTC legend. Anyone else have this problem?
  21. NiteWalker

    NiteWalker Member

    Can't say I let my threads get that long...

    I've been using handcent and love it. The pop ups work perfectly and the app has a lot of customization features. No slower than stock IME. Double notifications don't happen to me. Moto defy, 2.1.
  22. bluedragon7

    bluedragon7 Active Member

    I have that problem. I switched to chomp for the moment (though mainly because of the sms bug of 2.1-update1). Chomp is OK, but I'm hoping to switch back to stock after the 2.2 upgrade
  23. lawnboy

    lawnboy Well-Known Member

    Had to replace my Incredible phone for another one, so reinstalling all my apps. Reinstalled Handscent. Went to Messages app to menu -> settings -> disable the notification, but I am still getting dual notification.

    Any suggestions?
  24. danaj

    danaj Well-Known Member

    I like go sms. has no one else tried it?
    techlearn likes this.
  25. lawnboy

    lawnboy Well-Known Member

    Thanks, but you might want to start a new thread on it; trying to troubleshoot at this point.


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