What is the best way to copy and play mp3 files on the Nexus 7.General

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  1. balloonshark

    balloonshark Well-Known Member

    I will be using the USB cable to connect my Nexus 7 to my PC. I have already done this to create a folder and move 2 files to the Nexus 7. What I'm wanting to know is what is the best folder or file structure to use for mp3s? In other words what's the best way to organize my mp3s on the Nexus 7 so that it's easy for me or media player to work with?

    Right now I have one folder labeled Music on my PC's D: partition. It contains several folders which contain mp3s album files (some with album art) or folders within folders with mp3 album files. My Music folder also contains a handful of "loose" mp3s. Total size is less than 8GB.

    Also, what is the best media player? I'll mostly be listening to mp3 files and maybe radio stations. Some of my mp3s are from Amazon and some are from p2p sources from many, many moons ago. I'm familiar with WinAmp on my PC but I'm open to a media player than can play many different types of media. An EQ would also be nice.

    Edit: Here is a pic from my PC of the folder/file structure of the Nexus 7. "FilesFromPC" is a file I created. The Music, Movie and Picture files are empty or I just can't see the contents. I do have the view hidden files and folders option ticked on my PC.

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  2. JanComputerman

    JanComputerman Well-Known Member

    There should be a music folder already on the N7 so put your music there and the headphone app is the default music player which handles most file types. The actual location of the music folder is a little confusing because it shows up in several paths ... SDcard/music.... Storage/emulated/0/music
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  3. balloonshark

    balloonshark Well-Known Member

    Thanks Jan! I copied everything to the Music folder in the pic in my first post. So far it looks like all my mp3s are on the Nexus but a bit unorganized. In the headphone app it shows 2 Candlebox albums and one of the 11 songs ended up in it's own album.

    Anyone have suggestions for media players?
  4. mattcooper

    mattcooper Active Member

    Poweramp. Cannot go wrong with it!
  5. brave_beaker

    brave_beaker Active Member

    drag and drop copy and paste

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