What is the best way to install themes

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  1. silvercats

    silvercats Well-Known Member

    1.Except using launchers.
    2. And without rooting the phone


  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    You can't without doing either of the two.
  3. SalasarYumi

    SalasarYumi Well-Known Member

    You must install a launcher before you can use a theme.
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  4. minxtress

    minxtress Member

    Thank you!
    Although I didn't ask the question it is what I was looking for. A very basic question that takes ages to find the answer to. Could someone Please put it in "Intro to Themes" for us new to android?
    I know some of you will think I'm a complete dunce but I'm usually really good with tech!
    I find it insane that such an incredible, beautiful & custamisable machine doesn't have even basic customisations for the look of windows etc. Especially when it is So ugly! I mean Really, whatnwere theynthinking?

    Ah well an app hunting I will go to get my machine looking as sweet as it works.

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