What is the little window/slit on the back near bottom?Support

  1. simoncpj

    simoncpj Member

    What is that little glass covered slit near the bottom by the mic on the back?

  2. Amaroth

    Amaroth Well-Known Member

  3. mikeyfl

    mikeyfl Well-Known Member

    mine spits out tickets when i play poke a mole. ;)

    (but id listen to Amaroth's advice, as i am still a noob.)
  4. jamesk84

    jamesk84 Well-Known Member

    I think one of the 3 mic's are hiding in there too.
  5. HalfFrozen

    HalfFrozen Well-Known Member

    Prints money! :p

    Nah Like the post above, just a speaker, lot smaller then the Droid Original... :(
  6. ericnail

    ericnail Well-Known Member

  7. Amaroth

    Amaroth Well-Known Member

    One of the 3 mics is the little hole beneath the speaker

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