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what is the use of camera buttonSupport

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  1. merchant

    merchant Member

    Once I switch on the device, hitting the camera button does not seem to do anything. How is it suppose to work. Is my camera button broken

  2. DellStreakLuv

    DellStreakLuv Active Member

    Hi Merchant,
    When I first got my Streak I thought my camera button was broken, but it turns out that I wasn't hitting it hard enough. Sometimes you've got to hold it for a second before the camera comes up. Now that I'm used to it I'm able to pull my camera up pretty quickly.
  3. algs26

    algs26 Well-Known Member

    The camera is a two stage button (like real cameras). 1/2 way should be focus, and fully depressed should take the picture. Like my other phones, you need to hold it down in the fully depressed position for a little bit to open the camera applications.
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  4. merchant

    merchant Member

    Thanks, holding is for couple of seconds worked.
  5. d3matt

    d3matt Member

    I've never realised the camera button did anything until I read this and tried properly. And I've had my Streak a year now! :eek:

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