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  1. wichtest9

    wichtest9 New Member

    I just updated my Samsung Galaxy II to the Android 4.0.4. Since then nothing works correctly. First my bluetooth devices lost their pairing and now cannot be re-paired to my phone. My network strength has gone done to 1 bar where I used to have 4. I see there are a slew of other issues others are having. How can this be fixed? I have not noticed any helpful advice from Google. This is an android OS update issue and needs to be fixed. How do we fix this?

  2. MassCreed

    MassCreed New Member

    i did i hard reset after update and rooted and put a cpu app on it. it last longer on a full charge. after all that it fixed my bluetooth too . i use mine in my car every day to play music over bluetooth. call sprint and ask for a in home booster . if your getting one bar they will get you one for free.. we have it and it works great. we had one bar at home all the time after we moved but fine every where but at home till we got that booster. i think its called airwave. but ya do a hard reset , root phone. clear the coach. and do a app killer and cpu app to. hope i helped it worked for me.

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