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  1. IWantToBeAChef

    IWantToBeAChef New Member

    I went to my app page this morning and saw "VPN Client" on my samsung galaxy s3. The icon is green and swirly. I was wondering what this is? I can't disable it or uninstall it, only force stop. Did it come with the phone pre-installed and I did not notice it? I also had a software upgrade from T-mobile, could that be the reason? My phone is not rooted.

  2. streetkilln

    streetkilln Well-Known Member

    i dont have that on mine
    well not sure why you have that app installed
    a vpn is a Virtual private network.
    Virtual private network - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  3. clitrenta

    clitrenta Well-Known Member

    I have US Cellular and that app comes preinstalled so you probably can't uninstall it. If you don't know what it is, very unlikely you'll ever use it. It shouldn't be causing any difficulty though.
  4. streetkilln

    streetkilln Well-Known Member

    recently got and update from my carrier and i now have that app on my phone. i cannot remove it witch sucks but it w/e i dont use half the pre installed apps anyways
  5. Eryl Flynn

    Eryl Flynn Well-Known Member

    It is a stock app on most GS3s. VPN is Virtual Private Network. The application allows you to establish a VPN tunnel to another internet server giving the effect of being on the same network as the server. Mostly used for business so your phone can be on the corporate network.

    The app did not work for my companies VPN so I have stuck with the root required VPNC Widget app myself for my VPN connection.
  6. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Yup. Doesn't work with all vpn systems. Many corporate vpn systems are locked into proprietory clients, such as checkpoint firewall. Works better with less secure solutions or what you'd implement at home
  7. laptopquestion

    laptopquestion Well-Known Member

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