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    Jul 8, 2012
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    This is so annoying! And apparently I'm not alone. I got my strat back in June and ever since there's always been problems with me connecting to (and staying connected to) data, whether it be 1xRTT, eHRPD, or LTE. 90% of the time it never connects to LTE but when it does it only lasts for like 5 minutes. 3G connects but as soon as I try and do something online or use my phone as a Hotspot it kicks me off. I don't even try and use the internet when it says 1x. When I first caught wind of the FF1 update and heard it was supposed to fix some network issues, I was so happy. Update rolls around, and a few weeks later my phone still does the same stuff. So I did a hard reset. Didn't fix it. Getting a replacement is not an option because I got it from someone. Anybody find a solution...? Because its really frustrating. Thanks
    EDIT- I have an Alltel/Verizon PRL (I think?). It says 14012 in settings and under Network it says "Unknown".

    EDIT 2 - I just got a new PRL now 15154 and says Verizon all over. How do I get it to say it on the lock screen?

    EDIT 3 - it seems it only drops data when using the mobile Hotspot. Otherwise its ok but doesn't like to connect initially.


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