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What is your favorite game on Android? Developers, please read the first post before posting

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  1. fren

    fren Member

    Talking Tom, so cute

  2. zizzlfied

    zizzlfied Active Member

    The legend of zelda ocarina of time. B4 people say its impossible look up n64oid
  3. finalfantasy7

    finalfantasy7 Well-Known Member

    stardunk, very addictive
  4. Tre Lawrence

    Tre Lawrence Well-Known Member

    Amazon, I think.
  5. PodPod

    PodPod New Member

    i'm playing alien terra. fighting with aliens, building turrets etc, really cool
  6. PodPod

    PodPod New Member

    i want to find good action game. what's the best on android?
  7. jeeezyy

    jeeezyy Member

    i like zenonia, inotia 3, battleheart
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  8. Coachfozzie

    Coachfozzie New Member

    I can't stop playing Plants Vs. Zombies. Very easy to learn, and addictive. It's funny, the developers obviously have a good sense of humor. And I got it free on the Amazon Market.
  9. Vannon

    Vannon New Member

    Balloean Logic, for anyone who likes logic puzzles, I've never seen one quite like it before.
  10. samzurai

    samzurai New Member

    robo defense
    fruit ninja
  11. tommyd16z5

    tommyd16z5 New Member

  12. ed-penguin

    ed-penguin New Member

    Angry Birds

    Love them both.
  13. cosine

    cosine New Member

    I am currently addicted to Parallel Kingdom, but drains your battery pretty quick (if you want to sign up using my referral code I can help you out with some materials to get started :)

    Gem Miner was my addiction for a while as well.
  14. cullenmq

    cullenmq New Member

    A really fun game is space stg 2 its the best space like game I have found on android
  15. Mr Market

    Mr Market Member

    Ninjump is very addictive, i don't get tired of playing it : )

    If only zombieville was available for my galaxy pro! Then i would chose that one ;)
  16. Mr Market

    Mr Market Member

    Talking about ninja, you should try yoo ninja!

    Quite fun as well :)
  17. axdreame

    axdreame New Member

    I found a snake game for android (name: Snake 1997) an exact copy of the old-school Nokia snake. it displays a Nokia phone with the snake game on it. Really addicting:p (and frustrating at times XD)
  18. OliveGracie

    OliveGracie Member

    My fav games are Angry Birds, Reataurant etc.
  19. SimsMaster25

    SimsMaster25 New Member

    Got to be angry birds or crush the castle
  20. frety.dolson

    frety.dolson Member

  21. Wickiup

    Wickiup Well-Known Member

    Diversion! I am totally addicted and so is my husband...
  22. sypack

    sypack New Member

  23. B2L

    B2L Well-Known Member

    I have quite a few favorites.

    Samurai II
    Doodle God
    NOVA 2
    Modern Combat 2
  24. droidros

    droidros Well-Known Member

    My favorite games are:

    Tapfish - create colorful tankfuls of various fish, grow them then sell them for profit, and breed them to get unique hybrids - absolutely addictive.
    Froggy Jump - A very silly jumping game. I'm not sure what the point is but I keep going back to make him jump higher.
    250+ Solitaire Collection - This really has over 250 variations of Solitaire and is extremely well done, with demonstrations and next moves for every game.

    I also like Angry Birds. Talking Tom is hilarious but I wouldn't call it a game, since you aren't competing or trying to score points.
  25. slpn1

    slpn1 Member

    My favourite game is Pipe Swipe because it's a mix of all things I like about puzzle games and has some very cool levels!

    (ok, ok it's my game but it took me nearly a year to make and I really do like playing it)

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