What is your favorite game on Android? Developers, please see the link to Announcements above.

Last Updated: 2015-05-26 11:49:08
  1. Jerry Brady

    Jerry Brady Member

    Lately it's been 7 Little Words - for some reason, even when I'm stuck I want to keep trying. I found it while I was doing marketing research for my word puzzle app, Unolingo (which I hope makes this thread someday!)

  2. d12unk13astard

    d12unk13astard Well-Known Member

    So many great games(especially since i have a G2x) i have over 600 games but lately ive just been playing Evac HD, Riptide GP and Great little war game.
  3. sencricer

    sencricer New Member

    Doodle Jump!
  4. Muzicjohn

    Muzicjohn New Member

    MX Mayhem, Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds!
  5. AmbitEnergy

    AmbitEnergy New Member

  6. MarkWoods

    MarkWoods Member

    Have you tried out Grand Theft Auto 3? It is the full game available on some Android devices and iOS.
  7. Lombardi

    Lombardi Well-Known Member

    Brothers in Arms 2 HD
  8. En4cer2k11

    En4cer2k11 Well-Known Member

    Heavy Gunner
    Grave Defense
    Sentinel 3
    World War
    Any Gameloft FPS
  9. androidPlayup

    androidPlayup Member

    I also like Fruit ninja. I am looking for games similar to XConstruction
  10. botoboto

    botoboto Member

    like angrybird season for this month....:)
  11. umataro42

    umataro42 Well-Known Member

    +1 to all the Robo Defense posts, that was the one I played the most for the first few months after getting my OG Droid. I even still go back to it once in a while.

    Later on, I spent a lot of time on Legends Arcana which I still play every few weeks. Its got good replay value, and the developers are good with responding to e-mail or on their forum.

    For the last year or so, I've spent the majority of my Android game time on Andor's Trail, its a work-in progress but what's there is already a great game with good replay value. The developers are pretty good with checking in on the forum which has built itself a nice community in itself, which for me adds to the fun of the game.

    Also enjoyed Gurk & Gurk II with the retro 8-bit look. Not as much replay value (imo) but still fun.

    I find the RPGs to be more fun and easier to get more enveloped in.
  12. appreviews

    appreviews Member

    Personally I love Zen Pinball, and keep coming back to it on I my tablet.
  13. alexeyw

    alexeyw Member

    Color Match
  14. nolove

    nolove New Member

    Angry birds. it's my favorite games.
  15. nolove

    nolove New Member

    Angry Birds and also like Fruit ninja games.
  16. EpicOfChaos

    EpicOfChaos Member

    My favorite game right now is Chess Mates, it is new and very well done. My friends and I love playing chess against each other.
  17. au93e6mi

    au93e6mi New Member

  18. Didn't go through all posts so I don't know if it was mentioned but has anybody tried Modern Combat 3. I went in thinking it would be just like MC1, but it is IMO an exact mobile clone of modern warfare. Its not exactly a clone but it blew me away.

    Battleheart literally has a place in my heart lol
    Riptide GP is amazing
    GTA 3 is what it is
    Where's my water is always fun.
    Fruit Ninja Puss in Boots is an amazing spin on the original
    and me and my girl love playing Jumbline 2 in our spare time.
  19. Flaviu

    Flaviu Well-Known Member

    Nfs shift and fruit ninja.. and of course Angry birds!! :-D
  20. bala1982

    bala1982 Member

    Zombie Dash
    catch the stars
  21. sammcgarry13

    sammcgarry13 New Member

    Mine have to be:

    -Draw Ball

    Both so fun and worth the price, especially Draw ball!
  22. Flaviu

    Flaviu Well-Known Member

    Guys check out Line Runner... it's so addictive :)
  23. skyru

    skyru New Member

    "Hexagon" by FMC Studio. Cool new puzzle game. You can break your brains at last levels. It's similar to games such as
  24. vNa5h

    vNa5h Member

    Plants vs zombIes
  25. melevy

    melevy New Member

    My favorite is Number Toss. Having 5 minutes is just enough for me to beat other players' high scores for a challenge.

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