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  1. AndroidBatMan

    AndroidBatMan New Member

    Hi Folks,

    I'd like to know the opinions various Galaxy S users have about this phone's battery life and their usage profile. I'd appreciate if you can provide me the following information:

    1/ How long does the battery charge last between charges?

    2/ What is your approximate phone usage profile during a day?
    (Eg. 2hrs of browsing over wifi, 1 hour of browsing over 3G, 1 hour of video playback, 2 hours of audio playback/streaming while browsing etc.)

    3/ Other useful information (Eg. signal conditions - poor 2G/3G coverage around my office)

    Please provide as much details as possible. I appreciate your response. Thank you!

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  2. TMW597

    TMW597 Member

    I use an App/Widget called Battery Left. According to it, I'm getting an average of 11 hours on a charge. That's with being on the phone for about 3 hours, doing about and hour of so of web browsing or using the IP Camera app. I'm also polling 8 email accounts every 5 minutes, and running a Aquarium live wallpaper.

    I didn't condition this battery right out of the gate like I usually do by deep cycling it 3 times. I'm not happy with the battery life at all, especially coming from a BlackBerry Bold 9700. I could have that thing off the charger for like 2 days doing heavy talking on the phone.

    I'm actually actively looking for a second battery. Ideally I'd like an hi-cap. If anyone hears of any of the two, please post.
  3. larryccf

    larryccf Well-Known Member

    before buying a 2nd battery, do a google for phone battery tests / reviews

    the results were surprising - engadget.com had a story on one of the tests - all the aftermarket batteries (even the name brand like seido) that showed an additional 100 - 300mah capacity, did not meet their described capacities, with a couple actually being less than the OEm battery, and only a couple showing somewhat greater capacity (but nowhere near what they advertised them as)

    the super capacity batteries were greater in capactity, but not quite what they described either

    just 02 from an old fart
  4. TMW597

    TMW597 Member

  5. larryccf

    larryccf Well-Known Member

    item shows removed but just to re-enforce what i said earlier - i bought two sandisk flash mem cards off ebay - one from a seller showing 10,000+ positive feedback

    after i did, i got a PM from another ebayer warning me to check on ebay's web where they show detailed images of counterfeit sandisk cards next to the real mccoys, and highlighting the differences (this was back when buyers could contact each other via ebay's msg system)

    sure enough, it was counterfeit - took me 2 months to get a frigging refund and the best part, ebay never did let me correct my feedback posting or even remove it - i've come to the conclusion that the ebay feedback system is a joke - complete joke. As a seller on ebay, i've it as well

    bought a 2nd sandisk card from another seller, that i scrutinized his feedback a little more thoroughly - felt comfortable and bought - and guess what - it turned out to be fake as well,

    and again, had bad experience with two batteries, with one not even working

    after reading other horror stories, i'm just real leary of buying electronic goods that are either easy to fake, or too cheap to rely on and in this case
    you're relying on the fact that it will not fry your phone, and void your warranty, buying it from a seller you'll have no real recourse to go after, on a phone that if you have to replace is going to run somewhere in the neighborhood of $500, not counting the hassle of not having a phone and dealing with whoever

    on stuff like a charger, i'd especially rather stay with OEM or at least name brands here in the US

    again, just a suggestion

    another consideration in buying no name batteries from no name sellers - those batteries that overheated and caught fire, with some exploding - i'd have some concern there as well - here's one on engadget http://www.engadget.com/2005/02/09/yes-its-another-exploding-cellphone-story/
  6. TMW597

    TMW597 Member

    All good info. Thanks for the advisement.
  7. ayrshiredude

    ayrshiredude Well-Known Member

    Things I will never buy from Ebay:

    Memory Cards
    Genuine Ink Cartidges

    Have done and turned out to be fakes.
  8. t sport 1978

    t sport 1978 Well-Known Member

    Anywhere between 6 hours of intense use to 2 days. 6 hours down to 8% battery life due to Bluetooth audio stream, wifi internet, surfing, app use, Google Map and GPS using apps. This was proper intense use and actually was surprised that it held up for 6 hours. 2 days was under light use, occassional phone call and 3.5G internet surfing.

    The battery is reasonable for the power of the phone, I find call quality and signal retention is fine.
  9. xopher

    xopher Member

    What brightness are your screens set to?

    Today i used the phone on music player for a good 5 hours while using the auto adjust brightness sitting. I believe atm my phone has been on for 9-10 hours and it is at 22%. GPS and wifi were also on the entire time.

    Is that considered ok?

    I am use to having a phone that needs to be recharged everyday... but it would be great if i didnt have to.
  10. iwat

    iwat Member

    with 3G data disabled, I can have it upto 3 days... some calls, SMS, and Games, Wifi for about 1~2 hours.
  11. xopher

    xopher Member

    Very nice batter iwat! what brightness are you set at? is that 1~2 hours per daY? or in total?
  12. NZtechfreak

    NZtechfreak Well-Known Member

    My background use is this:

    NewsRoom updating for about 20 different feeds (it downloads stories fully for offline reading, so this is more data intensive than just grabbing headlines)
    Exchange sync 24/7
    Facebook and Twitter widgets in LauncherPro set to hourly update
    Weather in Beautiful Widgets set to hourly update

    On top of that my use varies considerably depending on whether I'm at work or home, but in general would probably look something like this on workdays (which is most days):

    ~1 hours music
    ~20mins calls
    ~30 texts
    ~half an hour to an hour browsing
    ~2-3 hours other screen-on time (gaming, reading RSS feeds/emails/social networking updates, chatting in Trillian)
    A few photos and videos here and there

    Screen is on manual adjustment, controlled using the notification bar sliding method, usually a little above minimum since I'm mostly indoors.

    I usually hit around 20-30% remaining by bed time (usually 16 hours or so from being removed from charger). For me that better than any other phone I've owned (in the last couple of years thats these handsets - Desire, X10, X1, Touch Pro, HD2, 5800, N82, N900, i8910). It lasts comfortably with heavy usage, and with more moderate usage can last 2 days.
  13. jgwatt

    jgwatt Member

    There must be something wrong with my Galaxy S.

    From a fully charged (100%) state and not using it at all I find that after 2hrs the chage has gone down to 88%. At this rate the battery will be flat after about 8 hours of non useage.

    This has just been received from Optus and I have installed nothing & with brightness set to auto & the screen is off all the time.

    This is totally useless and I have contacted Optus for an immediate replacement.

    Has anybody else had this problem and what would be the expected life of the battery charge with the mobile in standby - screen off etc.

  14. lobo76

    lobo76 Well-Known Member

    I would say this is somewhat normal for a new phone.

    In the first place, the battery status thingy is not properly calibrated, so the percentage is not even correct. To calibrate it, you really need to use it until it shuts itself off.

    Secondly, there are quite a few feedbacks that the battery lifespan gets much better after, I don't know, maybe 2 weeks of use. I now count myself amongst one of the people who can give this feedback. :D
  15. kyiori

    kyiori Member

    Mine also somehow like yours when my phone is new.
    after a few cycle of charge. my battery has stable.
    using less than 1% battery for an hr with 3g on.
  16. cleanermonkey

    cleanermonkey Well-Known Member

  17. goyal.sanchit

    goyal.sanchit Well-Known Member

    I am pretty much satisfied by the battery performance when listening to songs or surfing net or doing any other intensive tasks. What I dont like is that phone use too much battery in my opinion while in Idle mode or Stand by!

    I calculated few days back and the result was that per hour- Phone idle+Standby alone were draining 1% of the battery. Which means if you go to sleep and wake up the next morning say Bye bii to 10% of your battery!

    Its too much in my opinion. Would like to know how much battery is used by these two on other phones!
  18. big_mike

    big_mike Well-Known Member

    i dont understand why people dont just charge phones over night so they have 100% battery when they wake....
  19. goyal.sanchit

    goyal.sanchit Well-Known Member

    2 Reasons-

    1.) They dont want to OVERCHARGE their battery by keeping it plugged in when it would be fully charged sometime in the night.

    2.) It certainly wont matter since the phone would keep losing battery on standby even in the day.

    What I want to know is that is 1% per hour acceptable for a phone which means you will loose 24% per day even if you do nothing with your phone!!
  20. sean2476

    sean2476 Member

    I bought a few things from Spiderfoot on ebay and the batteries are excellent and come with an external charger so that you can charge your batteries outside of the phone

    Battery pack You also get a laynard, 3 screen protectors with this kit and the battery life is superb! I also bought a car charger and a windscreen mount and a leather case. The total cost was
  21. caesey

    caesey Well-Known Member

    I read somewhere that SGS has a feature to prevent the battery from getting overcharged i.e. when it hits 100%, it stops charging the battery.
  22. goyal.sanchit

    goyal.sanchit Well-Known Member

    Quite possible but still then the issue is that IMO it uses too much battery while in standby.

    Now I dont use my phone much so the phone battery can easily last for 2 days. But the issue is that even if I dont do ANYTHING on my phone still then the phone batter would be 0% in 4-5 days whereas the company claim like what 720 hours of stand by!! Thats a joke which makes me wonder whether my phone is using more battery on standby or is it the same with everyone!
  23. Big MikeH

    Big MikeH Member

    I've had my SGS for 8 weeks now and have found the battery life to be comparable to my iphone 3G. My usage and types of apps have been broadly the same.

    Itend to charge my phone overnight mon-fri as although I don't get the 20% warning I know there won't be sufficient charge for the whole of a working day. Normally my weekend usage is a lot lower and so the battery lasts through to sunday night.

    I have bought 2 alledgedly 1500mah batteries of ebay which fall short of the samsung battery by about 20% but they do as backups on days wher I forget to charge it or use it alot. With my iphone I had to carry around a battery pack & cable as the battery was not accessible.

    I am satisfied with the battery life, you can't have a big screen samrtphone with a ton of apps that you dick around with often and expect the battery to last longer than it does!!

    To get more life you'd need a bigger battery, I'd happily put up with a few mm extra to get an extra 30% battery which would give me 2 days regular usage. The SGS is exceptionally light and another 20g or so wuld make no difference to me either.

    If you want to go 4 or 5 days between charges get a small screen phone with less apps to tempt you into using it for hours each day!

  24. dipenv

    dipenv Member

    Well.. I clocked 37 Hrs with mine. I use the app called "Battery Indicator" nd i Drained it till 10%.
    Though the usage was very less, Around 2 hrs of voice calls, 4 hrs of display on (At Very Less brightness) and a few games and playing around with the phone here and there.

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