What Music player do you use with Evo?

What Music player do you use on your Evo?

  1. Stock

    244 vote(s)
  2. Doubletwist

    66 vote(s)
  3. Cube

    23 vote(s)
  4. Mixzing

    101 vote(s)
  5. btunes

    17 vote(s)
  6. Meridian

    10 vote(s)
  7. Other??

    184 vote(s)

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  1. wubbie075

    wubbie075 Well-Known Member

    Nope. Nothing works. Tried unpair/re-pair. Unpaired, deleted all media players before re-pairing. Even tried hard reset and swapping out to a new headset. It says it is connecting to phone and media. Just can't get it to work.

    Everything was great when I first got the Evo. Then one by one, the media players just stopped working. doubletwist was the last one to quit maybe 5 weeks ago. Was hoping it would get better with 2.2, but no change at all. There's another thread here somewhere with others who have had the same problem.

    Volume works fine. Pause mutes the audio but the track still continues to play silently. Track forward & back buttons do not work at all.

  2. Cobravision

    Cobravision Well-Known Member

    Check out Mortplayer. It bookmarks everything.
  3. freeza

    freeza Well-Known Member

    bTunes, it is the best :)
  4. tracerit

    tracerit Well-Known Member

    does music mod not have a lock screen player? :/
  5. jrstinkfish

    jrstinkfish Well-Known Member

    I tried it out a while back and didn't much care for it, but it might be good for just playing audiobooks or Stern, things that require bookmarks, so I might install it for that.

    Anyone know how to set the default player that responds to headset controls? When I use mine, it fires up the stock player instead of controlling the app that's playing the current file.
  6. NYCHitman1

    NYCHitman1 Gun for Hire Developer

  7. jrstinkfish

    jrstinkfish Well-Known Member

    Nope. But if you use WidgetLocker , you can stick the MM widget, or any other widget for that matter, on the lock screen. It's a $1.99 solution to that problem, so it may not be worth it to you, but I like having the custom unlock slider and widgets on the lock screen.
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  8. Cobravision

    Cobravision Well-Known Member

    I only use MortPlayer for audio books. I use Meridian for music.

    I'm not sure how to control which app responds to the headset at any given time, but if I set Meridian to use headset controls, it will take over the headset exclusively. I noticed with MixZing that if you paused it and then used another audio app, it ceded headset control to that app. Meridian always responds to the controls, so I can just plug in the headset and press the button to pick up where I left off regardless of whether I used an audio app in between. I essentially don't need a lockscreen widget for Meridian because I can just plug and play without touching the phone. Of course, you need a headset with controls to accomplish this -- a pair of old earbuds are too dumb to do anything but pipe music.
  9. cabbie

    cabbie Well-Known Member

    based off this thread i grabbed Music Mod and noticed something very annoying

    when i 'shuffle all', it grabs EVERY music file on my phone. Even the 2-second gameloft sound effects. I can't find a way to limit it to just my Music folder. If I can get that fixed, I'm cool with it.

    Also, if you move it to the SD card, you lose widgets and have to reinstall. Annoying. AppAware does this too.
  10. Dreamliner

    Dreamliner Well-Known Member

    Zimly is the best!
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  11. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Ooh, I might try this just for the car.
  12. Cobravision

    Cobravision Well-Known Member

    From what I've read, Widgets don't work if you move any app to the SD card. But you don't have to reinstall. Just go into the app manager in settings and move it back to the phone and then reboot.
  13. cabbie

    cabbie Well-Known Member

    at first i disagreed but then i looked at the apps on SDmove and the ones on the sd card werent widgets, so you are probably right
  14. cabbie

    cabbie Well-Known Member

    but still i need a way to limit music mod to my sdcard/music folder for it to be what i need
  15. Shawnz

    Shawnz Well-Known Member

    bplayer seems to be able to tell the difference
  16. Cobravision

    Cobravision Well-Known Member

    There are a lot of music players (Meridian included) that allow you to choose which folders to include and which ones to exclude. But this is the workaround if yours doesn't.

    Sorry, I edited out the link to the fix because the implementation is way more complicated than necessary.

    All you have to do is use Astro or EStrongs browser and create a subfolder named .nomedia in the folder you want excluded. There is no need to push a text file into the folder.
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  17. jamesmckeephx

    jamesmckeephx Well-Known Member

    iam actually suprised at how many of us use just the stock player. i myself am pretty happy with it. and everytime i try a different player just seems like almost like the stock. But i did like mixzing cuz it found album art i did not have.
  18. Traceamount

    Traceamount Well-Known Member

    Grooveshark !!! Im super surprised no ones mentioned it. At least for my likings, you can bookmark and/or like songs, add them to a playlist and/or DOWNLOAD them for offline playing. You can search an artist, then go through either a list of songs by them (or pick a certain title in the search) or you can go through playlists. Pick a playlist from someone, and generally I find its all that artists best songs. Then you can tag away for download. Or play them on the spot.

    My question is - do any other music players have this option? Granted the phone is never "offline", you can "play all" in your offline, shuffle, rewind, go forward backward through album covers to pick songs/albums. You can also download an entire album at a time for offline play! Thanks
  19. cabbie

    cabbie Well-Known Member

    this seems to work but only when i made the .nomedia folder in the main directory of gameloft...putting it in the 'sounds' subfolders didnt seem to take
  20. Cobravision

    Cobravision Well-Known Member

    That's good to know. I didn't realize it had to be in the main directory. Like I said, I never actually had to use it.
  21. wubbie075

    wubbie075 Well-Known Member

    I had high hopes for this, especially since the changelog specifically mentioned a "fix" for headset controls, but.................. no dice. Still doesn't work with my BT controls. :(

    I'm still using the BT headphones because wearing wired headphones on the NYC subway is asking for trouble. I guess I'm getting used to pulling the phone out of my pocket to pause and switch tracks, but I really wish I could get it working properly!!!
  22. brownhornet

    brownhornet Well-Known Member

    mixzing because of how well it does in finding album art and it auto creates my playlists based off of the songs I listen to.
  23. jamesmckeephx

    jamesmckeephx Well-Known Member

    just saw that mixzing uses a lot of the phone memory is that true??
  24. NicksGarage

    NicksGarage Well-Known Member

    I've been using the stock app until today when I downloaded Music Mod. Like it so far. Only problem is I now have a lot of "unknown artists" that I didn't have in the stock app. Shows the album art and all other info, just not the artist's name. I've sent an e-mail off to the dev on this. Hope it can be fixed.
  25. Stupifier

    Stupifier Well-Known Member

    I need help with Music Mod. It does not detect music from /emmc/MP3. This is a default music location that is detected by the Stock Music app. Seems Music Mod is only detecting music from my SD card MP3 folder. Whats the deal? Help me. Is there any location on internal storage that will be detected by Music Mod?

    Overall, Music Mod rocks...but if I cannot fix above issue....its a deal breaker. I have limited space on my SD card....and lots of space on internal storage. I put music in internal storage.

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