what other phone screen is like exhibit?Support

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  1. sc2dave

    sc2dave Well-Known Member

    I'e tried looking on youtube for a vid on replacing the screen on my Exhibit,but no luck. What other phone has the same physical screen or cover?

  2. VinceSerge

    VinceSerge Member

    Its really hard to gauge based on observation of the phone alone. Maybe try finding out the dimensions and working from there? Hope this situation gets resolved!

    If you're trying to replace the screen, did you consider a screen protector? I purchased one through Amazon called ArmorSuit and it works wonders for my device.

    Hope things go well!
  3. sc2dave

    sc2dave Well-Known Member

    I bought it already cracked.
  4. lion7718

    lion7718 Well-Known Member

    You might try Cell Phone Repair You can call & ask about displays from the Online Store to do it yourself or email for a Free Estimate for repair.

    If you did happen to find a screen from another phone, you'd be lucky to find the Exhibit's Super AMOLED screen.

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