What phone to get for Metro PCS

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  1. The7evenGuy

    The7evenGuy New Member

    i had made up my mind to buy the Samsung lightray but after seeing reviews saying it was laggy and overpriced i dont think i want to buy it. but now i don't know what phone to get. so i was thinking of getting a LG Motion but i cant get over the fact that the screen is to small (i will be watching movies and playing games). i have heard that the galaxy s3 will be goming out for metro in fall but thats a 3 month span and i dont thing i could wait 3 months. sooo any one know if they are going to lower the price and fix the laggines of the light ray or come out with a phone that has a good proccesor and a big screen and does any one know when the galaxy s3 will be out for metro.
    PS. i dont want an LG esteem

  2. yahhboy

    yahhboy Well-Known Member

    Apparently next month, hold out and get that because it's the best metro is getting for a while
  3. Get the Samsung Galaxy S III. Sexy Super AMOLED screen (most vibrant and attractive screen with highest contrast), 2GB RAM, 4G LTE, extremely fast Exynos 4412 CPU, smoothest UI, fastest 3G/4G LTE upload/download speeds and Android 4.1 Jellybean with Project Butter.

    The iPhone 5 will not beat it.
  4. ericc191

    ericc191 Member

    I think it would be the LTE S3 right? So you'd get the Krait S4.

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