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  1. bl4ke360

    bl4ke360 Member

    I've had my charge for a little over a year, and accidentally dropped it in the pool a few days ago, and it doesn't work. In case Verizon can't do anything about it, I want to know if there are any better phones than the Charge that I could buy on craigslist or something. I haven't been up to date with phones since last year so I have no idea what phones are good and which ones aren't.

  2. ZXMustang

    ZXMustang Well-Known Member

    My original motorola startac phone was better than this worthless brick called the charge. But in all seriousness, the HTC thunderbolt is a better 4g lte phone. Those are cheap too, you should be able to get a new one online for like $150.
  3. bl4ke360

    bl4ke360 Member

    I ended up using my insurance which meant I had to pay $100 for them to ship me a new droid charge, it seems like the best way to go, and I get to keep my battery which means I'll have 4 in total so I won't really have to worry about the short battery life.
    The thunderbolt sells for $300 on amazon so I don't think anybody's selling them for $150 unless it's used and on craigslist. I also hear that it's worse than the charge in some regards.
  4. kraisydave

    kraisydave Well-Known Member

    What is your insurance plan per month? Have you added it up? Usually insurance with a $100 deductible is so high that you could get a newer phone without an insurance plan. Just a thought...

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  5. MaxBuck

    MaxBuck Well-Known Member

    "Better" isn't possible to evaluate if you don't say what specific uses you put your phone to. The Charge has about as good a GPS as I've seen on a phone except when applied to camera geotagging; a great screen; and a removable battery that has a limited life span but is cheap to replace. Downsides include somewhat random behavior (kind of par for the course with Android, for whatever reason) relative to apps; relatively poor sound quality on phone calls; random Bluetooth behavior; average camera; outdated CPU.

    Just one perspective, but I think it's pretty accurate.

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