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What ROM are you running on your Nexus 4 V 2.0

What ROM are you running on your Nexus 4?

  1. Stock

    9 vote(s)
  2. Cyanogenmod

    6 vote(s)
  3. Paranoid Android

    9 vote(s)
  4. AOKP

    5 vote(s)
  5. Other (name in post)

    4 vote(s)

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  1. Banished Angel

    Banished Angel Well-Known Member

  2. Biaviian

    Biaviian Well-Known Member

  3. new optimus

    new optimus Well-Known Member

    cm 10.1 gives me the control I want and the looks
  4. desarenezitic

    desarenezitic Well-Known Member

    ParanoidAndroid all the way, the only ROM I've installed on my N4 :D
  5. zuben el genub

    zuben el genub Well-Known Member

    I'm interested in Rasjelly bean, but XDA gets too darn technical. I really don't need themes for example, I bought ADW launcher, I have my own preferences for wallpaper and clock, so a very basic ROM that would allow my own choices would be nice.

    They say that this one is basic. I've used CM before, it's nice and it works, but there's still stuff in there I don't need. Like the sound apps, themes, etc.

    Anyone here know anything about it?

    Kernels also confuse me. I know what they are, but not how changing them and the radio apply to a ROM. Do people change just to tweak speed? I can see radio with the 4.2.2 update to JB and LTE, but TMO doesn't have LTE so I don't care.
  6. new optimus

    new optimus Well-Known Member

    main thing with the kernels is it allows different govoners as well as speeds and voltage is and the more you can adjust certain things the more battery life you can get
  7. Shotlimesalt

    Shotlimesalt Well-Known Member

    Using PA right now and love it.

    Currently using PA kernel to fix saturation and give the N4 richer colors:


    But I was also curious to see if anyone knows of a better kernel to help colors and battery life. Not having issues with it just would like to know if there is something better out there?

    looking into Matr1x kernel right now havent tried it yet.
  8. jackgibbs

    jackgibbs Well-Known Member

    I am so in love with paranoid android with expanded desktop and pie. now that pie notifications include a clear all and are expandable I've even gotten rid of the status bar. full use of the screen, no space wasted with hardware buttons, this phone is exactly what I've wanted a phone to be since ics first came out.

    I'm also sticking with the stock PA kernel until other devs include the gamma/color fix in their offerings. I'd like to use a different governor/undervolt, but I'm not giving up this screen
  9. zuben el genub

    zuben el genub Well-Known Member

    How about Rasjelly bean? Anyone?
  10. Banished Angel

    Banished Angel Well-Known Member

    Other kernels already have this ability. I know Faux and Franco kernel do atleast. I'm running Franco's kernel with -125mV undervolt, PA colors, and conservative governor.
  11. jackgibbs

    jackgibbs Well-Known Member

    as soon as I posted that I decided to go ahead and give faux a try and throw the 5 bucks away on the app if I ended up not liking the kernel.

    I do like the kernel, though so yay, however the only thing I don't like is that the faux app doesn't set right away after a reboot so you get washed colors until the phone completes the boot process and you turn the screen off/on again. minor thing but it bugs me

    everybody seems to love franco's kernel but I've never bothered with it since his thread is a minefield (although at least he's posting a changelog now so that's something) and he doesn't offer any different governors or schedulers so it seems too close to what moles includes with PA to be worth trying
  12. Biaviian

    Biaviian Well-Known Member

    I decided to try Toasted Marshmallow today. After using it for several hours I decided to go back to Rootbox. The only thing I liked about TM is that it has the full version of AwesomeBEATS added in. I haven't been able to get a successful install of AwesomeBEATS on any other ROM (I get constant crashes with it) so it was an enticing feature. One thing that I don't like about TM is the LED stays on when charging. I really like the transparent lockscreen in the Rootbox ROM and that is more useful to me than having AwesomeBEATS.
  13. Riotpump

    Riotpump Well-Known Member

    Tried all 3(CM10.1, PA, and AOKP). CM is very familiar since I used CM7 and CM9 on my prevail. PA is a beastly ROM....so many ways to modify the look of apps in general, and pie rocks. However I find myself in love in AOKP, great speed, fully customizable. I recommend trying all 3 and figuring out what works for you.
  14. SemeteryRocker

    SemeteryRocker Well-Known Member

    I'm running, and EXTREMELY happy with, Project ELE now with the franco kernel. It has the feature set of CM, AOKP, PA (Including PIE) and lots of other things and it works wonderfully. Super smooth and so much customization. LOVE it. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2173490

    I don't see myself jumping ship to any other ROM for a really long time as it has the feature-sets of a lot of the ones I love individually already. And the dev does a great job of taking requests and updating often.
  15. sudored

    sudored Well-Known Member

    XenonHD Best rom i have used on Nexus 4.
  16. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    SlimROM at the moment. I'll give it a couple of days, then give AOKP a go probably. :)
  17. mundane24

    mundane24 Well-Known Member

    AOKP with franco kernel here.
  18. zuben el genub

    zuben el genub Well-Known Member

    Please review SlimRom when you are done. I appreciate this.
  19. jmar

    jmar Nexican VIP Member

    Running AOKP. It is my favorite right now. On my N4 and N7. :)
  20. chrlswltrs

    chrlswltrs Well-Known Member

    I'm back on AOKP now. jb-mr1-build5

    I tried CM10.1 for a few days but I couldn't keep it since car mode was still missing in that ROM. I REALLY wish Google hadn't removed it from Android, it was a HUGE mistake.

    I haven't noticed any major bugs on this AOKP build.
    ritchea and jmar like this.
  21. ritchea

    ritchea Well-Known Member

    Agreed. (I've only tried four or five others, though). Was using Trinity 112 but now have ziddey's kernel (based on franco's) with OTG mod.
  22. sadielynn

    sadielynn Well-Known Member

    gah, you guys...I don't even know where to start! I've had my N4 just over a day. I said I was gonna stick to stock, at least for a while. HA! I've just downloaded CM10.1, AOKP, PA and XenonHD. But. I don't even know which to start with. And then there are the kernels! mixing and matching kernels and roms for the perfect fit just seems...exhausting, honestly.

    I know there is no "best", and that its a subjective decision based on trial and error...and I know each rom has change logs and whatnot...but...is there some master list of what sets each rom apart? Like...lists the differences between them? Trying to skim through change logs and (often hard to understand) feature lists (when I can even find them) and keeping it all straight in my head is giving me a headache!

    NOT THAT I'M COMPLAINING, MIND YOU! I absolutely LOVE all of the options we have have,thanks to all of the lovely dev's out there, its part of the reason I chose a Nexus to begin with. It is the best kind of overwhelming :D
  23. ritchea

    ritchea Well-Known Member

    Not really sure this will help, but it's a compilation of much that is available for Nexus 4.
    You're correct that it's all subjective. In fact, I ran stock (deodexed) until I wanted other functions. I want certain features with NO fc's. That seems to be the biggest problem I've had with roms (usually installing BANKS gapps solves it as most fc's relate to google processes--maybe just a coincidence, not a programmer by any means). I always do a factory reset but not really a system reset as most roms will do that when they install.
    Currently, I'm looking for BT MAP support which XenonHD is supposed to have although it's not working for me with Ford Sync. I'm trying the one suggested above (AOKP jr-mr1) right now as poster indicates car mode. Haven't tried it yet.
    LukeTheElfDoT and sadielynn like this.
  24. ritchea

    ritchea Well-Known Member

    Does this rom work with your car--bluetooth messaging? Either I incorrectly assumed that it did (most likely :confused:) or I'm missing something or it just doesn't work with my software.
    Thanks for clarification.
  25. chrlswltrs

    chrlswltrs Well-Known Member

    I don't have Bluetooth messaging in my car. Basically car mode allows a different launcher while in the vehicle (usually triggered by a connection to a Bluetooth device you define). It uses a few large icons so you can easily find the few apps you would want to launch while driving (navigation, streaming radio, speedometer app, etc). Without car mode your normal launcher comes up every time you press the home button. With car mode this alternate launcher opens when you press the home button while in car mode.

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