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  1. brownbob06

    brownbob06 Member

    I just finished rooting my Fascinate (Came over from an Ally, got the Fascinate for 30 bucks HUGE step up lol). I want to put a custom ROM and Kernel on it but not sure which ones to go with.

    Just looking for some opinions on the best ROMs and Kernels. I can't seem to find anything online with people reviewing ROMS or Kernels and I've been searching for an hour now.

    Like I said, just looking for some opinions on Stability, Cosmetics, use and whatever else you wanna throw in there. thanks!

  2. brownbob06

    brownbob06 Member

    Also, forgot to ask, I see on the sites that have lists of Kernels and ROMs that there are 2.3, 2.2 and 2.1 roms. My curren firmware is 2.3.5, so do I have to use the 2.3 ROMS? or are those just the Stock ROMS the CFW is based on? thanks again!
  3. iceman1110

    iceman1110 Active Member

    I went from an Ally to the fascinate as well. I tried all the GB roms and kernels and the best combination I've found is the Vanilla Gingerbread rom using Glitch kernel. The others are pretty good too but this is the only one that has given me zero problems and zero lag whatsoever. Good luck!

    Edit: Forgot to mention, when I first flashed the Glitch kernel I saw the available clock settings and tried them all without thinking about the consequences. I suggest if you are going to do this to make a full backup of your SD card to your PC first. Too high of a clock speed for me slowly began corrupting files on my SD card and I lost many family photos and such. Reformatted the card and turned back down to 1200mhz and all is well.
  4. lightningdude

    lightningdude Well-Known Member

    The roms themselves aren't so much based to work on the os version, they contain the os version. So if you were to flash a rom based on 2.2, you'd end up back down on Froyo.

    As for Roms, I'm on Miui 2.1.6. It has a nice interface and is fairly easy to use, with its own theme manager. As for other Roms, you'd do best to check out the xda-developers site, and possibly rootzwiki. Both sites have a much larger Fascinate following than androidforums does.

    Don't worry, though, the Fascinate was my direct upgrade from the Ally as well. From my experience, the Fascinate has a much more broad development scene than the Ally has, and given the high profile it has from being a Galaxy S phone, it's still got a lot of attention.
  5. brownbob06

    brownbob06 Member

    Cool, thanks for the input. And yeah, I found it a little odd that The Ally forum (at least when I was on it) was more active than the Fascinate forum considering how much better of a phone it is lol.

    I was able to find some other forums that I got a lot more info off of. Seems people like CM7 and it has decen stability. I'm willing to try different ones to see which ones I like better as well.

    And thanks for the info about the OS, just wasn't sure if they were referring to the OS you can upgrade from or if it's built off of those OSs.

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