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  1. hey guys! I'm posting here today to ask your kind advice = ]

    Recently my fiance got an AT&T LG Optimus G Pro E980..and I rooted and flashed a stock deblaoted ROM. After a sketchy baseband flash (think I accidentally flashed the E988 instead), Found out it wiped the IMEI and it got zero signal even after changing the APN. I returned it to stock and my fiance got another one without any hassle from AT&T :) (thanks LGFlashTool!)

    Now I got one finally and I was wondering if there is a safe and sable Custom ROM I can go to that wont have me tamper with the "radio" or "baseband" and can be used as a Daily driver. I have a white AT&T LG Optimus G Pro (E980!) on stock and rooted...Used Titanium Backup to freeze all the crap...But this Rom STILL has CarrierIQ in it..and I like to keep my android experience lean, mean and free of (possibly spying) carrier parasites.
    EDIT: I froze CarrierIQ using an app and now the elements are not active anymore.

    I like the QuickRemote feature..other than that the A&T garbage and that qslide crap (which I froze and removed from the notification drawer) can go ***** itself. Any advice? I've seen

    and Harmony


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