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  1. Wyattspoppa

    Wyattspoppa Member

    Hi Guys,
    DroidX2 owner here with a well-loaded phone that seems to be experiencing freezes and "force close's" and general performance issues.
    What I'd like to know if anyone's aware of which apps that run all the time can be closed, further, how to disable them from launching at power-up if they aren't necessary functions. I'm looking at my phone as I would a PC, too many things running in the background will always cause issues, I'm sure our iphones are no different. I have 21 items running now..the obvious ones I see are trafficalert2/pandora/news (which has 5 services to close..Egad!)/bluetooth/alarm & timer. What isn't as obvious is data manager service/"media"/quick contact/suggestion core RuleChecker/voice commands/multi-touch keyboard. I don't want all these running by default, only when I need to activate them, is there a guide to what not to touch?
    Thanks and I hope it benefits others surely as curious.

  2. coolpoete

    coolpoete Well-Known Member

  3. Wyattspoppa

    Wyattspoppa Member

    Oh, I appreciate the reply, but I haven't rooted my phone yet, nor felt the need to. I have Gigs of files on it, games, standard apps, music and ringtones, pics and vids and haven't seen the value in risking bricking your phone versus the benefits of rooting it.
    Grateful for your reply, I got 10 more "welcome" replies when I joined last week than replies to my inquiries to date, so thank you.

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