What should my CSC be?General

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  1. dbrook007

    dbrook007 Active Member


    Basically, What should my CSC be?


  2. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    That depends on whether the handset was generic stock or carrier-branded originally, and also where it was purchased.
  3. dbrook007

    dbrook007 Active Member

    Not generic stock, originally O2 branded in England on contract (not pay as you go or sim free), came from O2 with O2 branded XWKE1 firmware.

    But I have flashed & rooted XXKH3 firmware (as per xda-developers website....though KH3 to me seems very unfinished).

    What should the CSC be on this?

  4. heshanj

    heshanj Well-Known Member

    well ur CSC should be wat it was, originally, if thats wat u want.. so that would be ur O2 firmware. i believe intratech on XDA has a carrier CSC thread, u might be able to find urs there. the CSC has not really mattered to be, to be honest :D

    and btw, in wat areas do u find KH3 unfinished? i think KG5 was great, and i find no real differences in KH3
  5. dbrook007

    dbrook007 Active Member

    With the KH3 I'm using, the CSC was set to 'KOR' - I'm not sure what it was when I got the handset originally from O2 (UK). But why is it set to 'KOR'???

    Regarding KG5/KH3, I had endless problems with KG5, in particular apps and wallpapers just stopping/crashing.

    On KH3, I've come across a number of areas where it doesn't look like the software/firmware is finished.

    There are a couple of other things to on KH3 I found.

    First of all, after importing my contacts from the SIM and then assigning contact photos, when I started to use the message app, none of my contact photos showed up. This was not the case previously on XWKE1 or XXKG5.

    I realized that if I deleted the contacts on the SIM after importing them to the phone, then the software was forced to use contacts on the phone and thus find the associated photo (otherwise if it found the contact on the SIM, it just used that, hence no photo).

    I then could export back to the SIM. However, for some reason it does not complete the export. (I didn't realize the first time and lost some contact details - good job I had them backed up)

    I would have preferred to have stayed on XXKG5 (as it's stock not frankenstein) but the combination of apps stopping and really bad battery drain was too much trouble.

    The other thing is there is a feature in the message app in KH3 'Mark as Default' - where you can mark photo, number, name (but you cannot unselect them)... but I'm not sure if or how this is supposed to work.

    I'd assumed it would make one out of multiple entries for a name or number as the default but when I tested that, it didn't do that, so not sure??

    I also noticed that the CWM recovery mode screen was not available after I reflashed the kernel after rooting - it would just boot into the stock recovery screen. (perhaps a using a jig would have been better?)


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