What tablet is this?

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  1. Deaks

    Deaks Member

  2. acegeezer

    acegeezer Member

  3. Deaks

    Deaks Member

    Seems it might be a Yeahpad A13 Pillbox7...


    Only played with it for a few mins before coming to work but seemed ok. Plan on using it as an organiser to support my autistic son so cheap is good! Was only
  4. acegeezer

    acegeezer Member

    Looks like you've done OK, should be ideal for your planned usage.. nice one!
  5. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    That could be manufacturer, a Shenzhen tech company.

  6. praday

    praday New Member

    It looks nice.
  7. Deaks

    Deaks Member

    Lol! The guy I got it from for
  8. Tharine

    Tharine Member

    It seems nice....

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