What Tasker profiles is everyone using?? (This thread is NOT for requesting help with profiles)

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  1. lifeonmtv

    lifeonmtv Well-Known Member

    i think that's a bit of an ask :)

    if you always board the helicopter in the same place you can make a location profile instead (eg. switch airplane mode on when you're in the area where you board the chopper)

  2. parm289

    parm289 New Member

    Here's one that I haven't really seen posted anywhere:

    SMS Popup
    SMS Recieved, sender and content blank
    Popup Task Names:
    • Text: "Text from %SMSRN:
    • Task: Inbox (custom task - see below)
    • Task: Reply (custom task - see below)
    • Center text: checked
    • Text size: 18

    Load app - text messaging

    Compose SMS - number: %SMSRF

    There it is. The only problem I have is that if my phone is locked when I receive a text and want to reply, I click reply but have to then unlock the screen before being able to type my message. I've tried disabling the keyguard, but that doesn't work.

    I also have two profiles that create permanent notifications to toggle the keyguard and display orientation lock.
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  3. wildland

    wildland Well-Known Member

    Well, there is a variable %LOCALT which contains the latest altitude in meters from the GPS, so if you didn't mind the battery drain, you could develop a profile which gets a GPS fix at a certain interval (say 5 min) and another profile which activates airplane mode when %LOCALT is over your threshold. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure the power drain would be pretty high if you poll at any sort of useful interval.

    BTW, coincidentally I'm a helicopter pilot (civilian/fire fighting). Who are you a crew chief for? My mechanic last fire season was a Marine Corps crew chief once upon a time (UH-1/AH-1).
  4. Helicrewchief

    Helicrewchief Well-Known Member

    Lifeonmtv- The same place i board the helicopter is the same place i leave work so doing that would turn airplane mode on everytime i left. Thanks for the reply though im going to play around with it and see what i can do.

    Wildland- trying to eliminate the battery drain that I already have while flying when I forget to toggle airplane mode on before I fly. Just curious if its possible. Thanks though ill check it out and see what happens. I normally have the flights on my calender so I might get it to correspond with that. So many variables with the mission (delayed, weather, and cancellations) I would have to update my calender alot.

    Im a crewchief for the Blackhawk in the Army.
  5. lifeonmtv

    lifeonmtv Well-Known Member

    hmmm if you try what i said, if you use the 'cell near' context it saves battery and i think that once you are no longer in the location it will toggle back :) not really sure tho

    blackhawk, nice!
  6. parm289

    parm289 New Member

    I believe there's a variable for "location altitude" called %LOCALT. It needs a GPS fix to work, but it seems to be what you're looking for.
  7. BookLover

    BookLover Well-Known Member

    There's no altitude in Tasker that I'm aware of.

    If you're on a regular schedule, perhaps, you can use a time/day context to set your phone automatically to Airplane?

    Alternatively, are there certain things you do while ON THE GROUND either before or after you land? For example, if you always have a BTHeadset connected and ON when you're on the ground, you could combine the date/time context with a BTConnected context ("off" in this case) to have the phone automatically go into flight mode...Then when you reconnect BT, your phone exits flight mode.
  8. kcoram

    kcoram Member

    This sounds very cool. Mind if I ask how you accomplish controlling your GV settings? Can you do it with straight Tasker, or did you need the Locale Google Voice Set Plugin or something like that?

  9. BookLover

    BookLover Well-Known Member

    My cell phone is my home phone...However, I have GV ring both my cell and my work phone 9am-6pm, M-F, and only ring my cell all the other times.

    But I don't use Tasker. I just use the day/time settings in GV online to set that up.

    I would imagine that you could do the same thing if you can figure out a set schedule that makes sense for you so that GV online can control it.

    That said, I would also like to know how to do this...because my Google Voice day/time setup causes probs on Holidays...So a locale based feature to control GV would be an excellent way for me to not have personal calls on holidays end up in my work VM!
  10. wildland

    wildland Well-Known Member

    Yep - the Locale Google Voice Plug-In by Steelgirder. Costs a little money, but works flawlessly on my Incredible.

    The time based solution wouldn't work for me as my schedule swings wildly between home time, day trips and months in the field (didn't see home for about three months last summer :eek:)... with Tasker + the Locale GV plugin at least my phone number follows me.
  11. jetts

    jetts New Member

    Hello everyone, this is my 1st post. Fairly new to Android and began toying with tasker recently. I implemented a profile from the Tasker wiki to help find a phone even when the ringer is off. Findphone - Tasker Wiki

    The problem I am having is that after setting up the second profile my camera button does not launch my camera anymore. I'd like to add a variable that looks for either Music playing or the First profile to be active before locking it's hold on the camera hardware button. Problem is that I dont know how to effectively do that...any ideas?

    Any help would be great and thanks for reading.
  12. J0eybb

    J0eybb Member

    Can someone explain to me how to send a text message when I get to a certain location, after a specific time. Possibly on a specific day? Please.
  13. Helicrewchief

    Helicrewchief Well-Known Member

    BookLover-thanks for the reply. I do not use a bluetooth so that wouldn't work. I'm still playing around with it to see what I get. There is a altitude as mention by a couple people but I do believe the battery drain will be way more than just leaving the phone on and have it search for a signal. But I'm working on a profile just to see if I can get it to work with altitude.

    Joeybb-I have played around with the profiles and haven't actually tested them just playing. Hopefully tracking in the right direction.

    I set up a profile for the location I wanted to send the text. New-location (use net or GPS or both for the best accuracy keep in mind bigger battery drain)-press Get Fix. Once it found the location-Done. It now needs a task just select Tasker-Stop. The way I understand it is all you want is the location you don't need a task but you have to select one.

    I then set up another profile New-Day (Select your days. You can also select days of the week as well so you don't have to mark 300 days)
    Now for the tasks.
    1-Tasker-Profile status-magnify glass pick the location profile
    2-Tasker-wait-select the time you want for the phone to wait once you are in that area.
    3-Phone-Send SMS-number and message for the SMS

    Again I have been just playing around trying to contribute to the board. Other than selecting-Test, I haven't left the area and return to test it. (But It is something that would actually be a little beneficial to me as well to send a text to my wife when I leave work.)

    If somebody here see's that something is wrong please feel free to correct me. Also if somebody knows a simpler way please say so.
  14. J0eybb

    J0eybb Member

    This is what I have so far. I think I have it set all days for now.
    Profile: Home
    Location: / 30.0m
    Time: From 20:00
    Enter: 19
    A1: Send SMS [ Number: Message:Home Store In Messaging App:Off ]
  15. oo3

    oo3 Member

    Sup guys, I hope you can help. One of my Tasker settings has been working for months now up until a couple days ago.

    I have a setting that from Monday - Friday my phone is to turn auto-sync and 3G mobile data off from 11PM - 8AM. It is a pretty general setup and always been working.

    Now all of a sudden, it doesn't activate unless I go in and press Test, then apply. There is one or two times where it would work, but then turn on the 3G mobile data and/or auto-sync randomly at night.

    Any suggestions?
  16. BookLover

    BookLover Well-Known Member

    If you set 2 contexts based on
    -calendar available = no
    -wifi near = no

    Task = Flight

    Maybe that would do it? You would have to make sure you keep your calendar as up to date as possible to get this to be as automated as possible.

    I have the calendar context set up like this to put my phone into silent mode for meetings so you would just be replacing silent with flight.
  17. lifeonmtv

    lifeonmtv Well-Known Member

    i've had similar stuff happen when i update to new versions of tasker, some things seem to go out of whack

    back up your setup and try reinstalling
  18. takeshi

    takeshi Well-Known Member

    Again, you might want to read "Location Without Tears" on the Tasker site. Frequent GPS polling will have a significant impact on your battery life. You might want to consider whether or not the alternate locating methods might work better in your particular case.
  19. J0eybb

    J0eybb Member

    I've only been messing with Tasker for 2 days now. At first it was very overwhelming, but the more I play with it the better it gets.

    I setup a gps thing, but I was looking for a better way, or suggestions. I will read the gps on the wiki.

    I guess I could set it up to send a txt when it sees my my home wifi?
  20. Stagger_Lee

    Stagger_Lee New Member

    This is my first post to Android Forums. This is a very helpful thread and I want to thank everyone who has posted code / suggestions. I've had Tasker for several months now but only recently started to really "use" it - and this thread helped a great deal.

    I have a few benign "settings" profiles (home, work, etc.) that I won't share here because they're not really any different than what everyone else does. Instead I'll post profiles that do a little more...

    Night / SleepingOn / SleepingOff - I like to read / surf / etc. in bed before falling asleep. So my night profile dims the brightness and enables the SleepingOn/Off profiles. (I don't want these profiles always enabled because their context is only based on the display being off.)

    Night Profile
    - Time: 22:00 to 08:00
    - State: Power / Any
    - State: Not Airplane Mode

    Entry Task
    - BT off
    - Auto Brightness Off / Brightness 0
    - Perform Task -> Volume Soft //sets all volume settings to low values
    - Profile Status -> SleepingOn set ON
    - Profile Status -> SleepingOff set ON
    - Notify "Night Profile Activated" //I like to see Notifications for when I enter major profiles

    Exit Task
    - Profile Status -> SleepingOn set OFF
    - Profile Status -> SleepingOff set OFF
    - Perform Task -> Volume Loud
    - Notify "Exited Night Profile"

    SleepingOn Profile
    - State: Not Airplane Mode
    - Event: Display Off

    Entry Task
    - Wifi Off

    SleepingOff Profile
    - State: Not Airplane Mode
    - Event: Display On

    Entry Task
    - Wifi On

    CarBlue / CarBlueSMS / CarBluePower / Car Map Widget
    - three profiles that govern behavior while connected to my car's BT. The BT connection is the only way I know of to detect being in the car.

    CarBlue Profile
    - State: BT connected to Jabra (my car BT system)

    Entry Task
    - BT off, GPS on, Auto Brightness On

    Exit Task
    - Music Stop //if I'm playing music through BT this avoids having it continue on phone when I disconnect
    - Get Location (source GPS)
    - Variable Set %CARLOCATION to %LOC //See Car Map Widget

    CarBluePower Profile
    - State: Variable Value %PACTIVE matches CarBlue
    - State: Power (source any)

    Entry Task
    - Display Timeout infinite

    CarBlueSMS Profile (reads texts out loud over BT)
    - State: Variable Value %PACTIVE matches CarBlue
    - Event: Received Text

    Entry Task
    - Say "%SMSRN sent the following message. %SMSRB" (stream media, continue task immediately)

    Car Map Widget (if I need help finding my parked car)
    - Open Map, navigate to %CARLOCATION //simply using a point will cause the map to open with no pin-pointed location, and it quickly re-centers once my GPS location is locked. Need navigation to see where car is in relation to my current location.

    SpeakerphoneOn/ SpeakerphoneOff - self explanatory

    SpeakerphoneOn Profile
    - State: Orientation -> Face down
    - Event: Phone Offhook

    Entry Task
    - Speakerphone On

    SpeakerphoneOff Profile
    - State: Orientation -> NOT Face down
    - Event: Phone Offhook

    Entry Task
    - Speakerphone Off

    Lost / Found - self explanatory (intend to do something similar for a Stolen profile, but less friendly...)

    Lost Profile
    - Event: Received Text (content = "specific phrase like FIND MY PHONE")

    Entry Task
    - GPS On, Silent Mode Off, Media Volume Max
    - Music Play (loud ringtone, looping) //chose ringtone because I know it'll always be there - can't guarantee that with my music files
    - Profile Status -> Found set ON
    - Get Location (source GPS)
    - Send SMS (number %SMSRF, message %LOC)

    Found Profile
    - Event: Display Unlocked //Originally tried Camera Button, but for some reason Tasker doesn't recognize when my camera button is pressed (MyTouch 4G, 2.2.1)

    Entry Task
    - Music Stop
    - Media Volume 9 //back to something reasonable
    - Popup "Glad you found me!"
    - Profile Status -> Found set OFF

    Orientation - I prefer most programs NOT enter landscape mode when on the right side, particularly when I'm reading in bed.

    Orientation Profile
    - State: Orientation (right side)
    - App: NOT maps, NOT gallery, NOT google sky, NOT navigation, etc...

    Entry Task
    - Display Rotation Off

    And last, but not least, I couldn't resist the temptation thanks to the previous posts:

    Show Off Profile (normally disabled - I only enable the profile when I want to show off to my iHerd friends.) Profile has a cooldown time of 3 seconds and limits repeats with 0 remaining.
    - State: Proximity Sensor

    Entry Task
    - Silent Mode Off, Media Volume 12, Speakerphone On
    - Say "Can an I phone do this?" //hehehe

    Thanks again everyone for all of your work on this thread!

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  21. Stagger_Lee

    Stagger_Lee New Member

    Oh, I forgot, my Work profile isn't so standard either. I want to use Wifi Near as the context, but I actually want to disable Wifi at work. Problem is it would keep exiting the profile whenever I turned Wifi Off. My notification bar kept saying "Work profile activated" followed by "Exited Work Profile" and a few minutes later "Work profile activated." So here's how I fixed it:

    Work Profile

    - Time: From 08:00 to 19:30
    - Day: M,T,W,Th,F
    - State: Not airplane mode
    - State: Wifi Near (work SSID, Toggle Wifi checked)

    Entry Task
    - Stop if %WORK_ACTIVE is set //Don't need to re-set everything constantly throughout the day. Sometimes I mean to change the volume, etc. and don't want Tasker to mess with it minutes later.
    - Silent Mode, Vibrate on Ringer, Vibrate on Notify
    - Wifi Off, BT Off, GPS Off
    - Display Timeout 45 seconds
    - Variable Set %WORK_ACTIVE to 1
    - Notify "Work Profile Activated"

    Exit Task
    - Wait 45 seconds //This gives the recently-enabled Wifi time to detect the SSID and re-enter the profile
    - Stop if %PACTIVE matches Work
    - Variable Clear %WORK_ACTIVE
    - Notify "Exited Work Profile"

  22. jm2121

    jm2121 New Member

    • sync new photos via wifi - if the flag from the above profile is set (meaning the camera just exited) and wifi is connected, use rsync4android to back up the /sdcard/dcim/ directory to my server (I was using sugarsync to do this before, but for whatever lame reason it doesn't sync videos, and I prefer to roll my own scripts anyway, so this way makes me happy :D).
    Is this Linux only or can it be used with Win7? If not does anyone know a way for auto backup to a 7 PC?
  23. wildland

    wildland Well-Known Member

    Hmmm, I've only used it on Linux and OSX, but it looks like there are some implementations of it for windows...
  24. zetagi

    zetagi Member

    Is there way to change skype status?
  25. oo3

    oo3 Member

    Thanks for the idea, but that didn't work either...

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