What to do before factory data reset

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  1. Narut0

    Narut0 Well-Known Member

    Just wondering what needs to be done in preparation for a factory data reset. All I've been able to find is the need to uninstall super user beforehand?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated. First time trying it after rooting my phone. I'm done tinkering with it, and want to root it from a fresh start with only the stuff I want to install.


  2. kadimi

    kadimi Well-Known Member

  3. Narut0

    Narut0 Well-Known Member

    Kadimi.... sorry but your post looks like an advertisement....

    Anyway, I ran throught TB and wiped the phone. Super User stayed installed! I was able to reinstall setCPU with no issues, so it seems like root access stayed, even after FDR.

    Only strange part was that when I first ran through it, it booted to recovery. I just chose the option to reboot. It went through the bootup animation for a good 2 minutes, almost giving me a heart attack in the process.

    So far all is well.
  4. kappacat

    kappacat Well-Known Member

    A factory reset only clears data and cache. You didn't lose superuser or root because both are kept as system files.
  5. Narut0

    Narut0 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info as always Kappacat.

    Found an issue though. If I reboot and/or after a few days, TB will ask for SU rights, and then freeze on a blank screen, and never fully loads the application. It ends up affecting SetCPU as well.

    I tried flashing CM7 with the thread you were a part of, worked great, but the same SU issue came up when trying to launch TB after a while.

    LightningC does not not have this issue, so for now I'm sticking with that. Also, I did not move TB to SD card after this most recent LightningC flash.

    Do you think it may be because I moved TB to SD card?

    I'd like to use CM7 with the fixes you and the other techs have provided. It was nice to have Gingerbread.
  6. Jared631

    Jared631 Well-Known Member

    That may have been the issue. Although I find it a little unlikely. Why not retry and move TB back to /system/app ? If it works then then we know the issue.
  7. Narut0

    Narut0 Well-Known Member

    Sure thing, I will flash CM7 again this weekend and leave TB on system memory. You're right, I should've done a little more triage first before posting in here.

    Thanks for the suggestion Jared, I will keep you all posted on what happens.
  8. Jared631

    Jared631 Well-Known Member

    Ok, I will look forward to results, until then, good luck.
  9. jessea2503

    jessea2503 Member

    does factory reset remove jelly bean? I want to remove it and start over with the OTA jelly bean update
  10. Narut0

    Narut0 Well-Known Member

    Jessea, unfortunately the LG Vortex is probably not going to get the Jelly Bean update. The latest image that VzW has provided thus far is Froyo 2.2.2... so we haven't even gotten the stock Gingerbread update. It's actually quite sad, since my buddy has the same phone on Sprint (Optimus S), and got the update a few weeks after Gingerbread was released.

    Best thing so far is the CM7 mod which Bobzhome, Jared631, and Kappacat have helped out with (sorry if I'm forgetting someone).

    Check the other threads in this Vortex All Things Root forum, it has all the details. MAKE SURE YOU READ AND FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS!
  11. Jared631

    Jared631 Well-Known Member

    I didn't help with the ROM, I just made a recovery/root tool, which has nothing to do with the ROM :p
  12. Narut0

    Narut0 Well-Known Member

    OK, got it flashed with all the fixin's. We'll see what happens!

    And Jared, yea... going back through the CM7 thread, you were in there plenty but didn't necessarily contribute to developing it. You HAVE been active with helping out with the Vortex though, so.... just take my thanks and deal with it :D

    Rebooted twice so far and TB loads fine.

    Will post if I come across any issues. Hope everyone enjoys their extra hour tonight!
  13. Narut0

    Narut0 Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to give an update, everything is still working fine. It freezes rarely but a Force Stop always takes care of it. I probably forgot to wipe something the first time I flashed CM7. Flashed my wife's phone, she loves it.

    Thanks to everyone in this thread for their help!
  14. Jared631

    Jared631 Well-Known Member

    A general rule of thumb, is too wipe /cache, Factory reset, and Dalvik-Cache. Also, good too hear it's working good for you!
  15. Catalyst2012

    Catalyst2012 Active Member

    Does a Factory Data Reset affect the /EFS folder (or its contents)?

    I already have like 7 backups of the EFS folder on PC and elsewhere, just in case ;) .

  16. Narut0

    Narut0 Well-Known Member

    For the Vortex, it only clears two folders, as far as I know. /data and /cache.

    If you have a custom recovery you can usually erase more than that, like /system, any extra memory partitions you may have created, etc. I haven't gone through an EFS backup so not sure if these extra options to wipe stuff might erase something valuable regarding EFS.

    I tried checking how to do EFS backups but could only find it for Samsung devices. How did you get it installed on the Vortex?

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