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  1. Jomme

    Jomme Member

    Dear all,

    Im new to this all and there is a lot of information to read.

    But i have a lephone 3gw101 with OS 2.5 , do i need to update this one.
    Because my whatsapp (older version) can't update to the newwer version, it tells me that whatsapp can't be installed on this phone, however whatsapp is already installed on this one...

    Or is there some other problem wich i need to know.

    Please help.. !! it is very needed...

    World without whatsapp is less fun.. :eek:

    Thanks to ur all.

    Grtz Jomme

  2. Rocky4u

    Rocky4u Well-Known Member

    I use trillian and I am satisfied.
    however, go to iPmart
  3. Jomme

    Jomme Member

    I know i need some files for Whatsapp, but they r already exist on my phone.
    But howcome that the, whatsapp old version(2.6.4952) my update don't accept.. Are there some extra files wich be needed, and my phone can't accept it.?

    Wich version of whatsapp is everybody using(btw, im from holland and whatsapp is here the best messenger)

    Any other solution are welcome ofcourse.. Tips anyone.? :p
  4. Jomme

    Jomme Member

    Well, problem soloved...

    But i don't nkow how.

    but the newest update off whatsapp is ok.
    and the phone accept the update..

    So , if more have this problem, just
    download the newest update.( 2.7.4106)

    Wohoo.. finally..

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