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  1. BBock

    BBock Member

    I was attempting to freeze bloatware apps using titanium backup. Unfortunately, I either misclicked or just wasn't paying attention and I accidentally froze my ADW launcher. Now my phone has no home screen that I can access and I may have made the problem worse by trying to reboot and it freezes at the att rethink possible screen. Any ideas how I can rectify this situation? Thanks in advance. FYI rooted/adeo...maybe I shouldn't be messing with this stuff without a better understanding of the system..

    Edit:A call came through and got rid of the loading screen. It now seems like I am just missing access to a launcher. Its just a blank screen with the task bar (cannot pull this down) but calls can come in, I can receive texts but can't reply. Any way to defrost my ADW launcher using adb? I can access adb with root permissions but I'm still a noob with this stuff.

  2. BBock

    BBock Member

    Figured it out. Just installed a new launcher using adb which allowed me to access the home screen, then just unfroze AWD.
  3. barry99705

    barry99705 Well-Known Member

    Just curious, which apps were you trying to get rid of?
  4. BBock

    BBock Member

    There was a post on xda about safe items to freeze...ill have to track it down again but I was pretty much attempting to freeze all of these apps before I messed up. Ill post the link once Ifind it again.

    Edit: not sure about the forum rules for linking to other forums...so the post about what is safe to freeze is located in the xda atrix dev forum.
  5. barry99705

    barry99705 Well-Known Member

    Just so you know, you can pretty much uninstall all the crap AT&T has put on the phone. Just go to manage apps and hit the uninstall button. Probably doesn't work for the blur widgets, but the nav, office, and racing game are gone from my atrix now. They were nice enough to not put it in the rom.

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