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  1. Dabrador

    Dabrador Well-Known Member

    Looking for some feedback...

    What I really want is JB on my Bionic. Not going to happen so now I turn to ICS. Based on today's news, we can get Google Now on ICS phones but they must be rooted. What are the odds that the OTA ICS will be able to be rooted?

    I'm thinking of taking the 232 leak, rooting it and then loading Google Now.

    What do you all think? Just looking for some feedback and things I may be overlooking. Thanks all.

  2. OutOfPhase

    OutOfPhase Premium Member

    As far as being able to root ICS OTA you should be able to because all of the leaks have been root able. But and this is a big but moto could decide to screw with us and patch our root path. The main man for gaining root access djbliss has retired and if they patch root who knows if we can root it anytime soon. I would recommend going to .232 as it is much better than .905 but do understand what rooting is and the repercussions before you do it.
  3. Thom

    Thom Guides Guide

    I lost root on the Droid X when I installing the last OTA. E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E was surprised by that one.

    It isn't 100% guaranteed but if you are looking for a guarantee of root on the ICS OTA ... wait for the ICS OTA to be installed by others and have them verify that they gained root. It is then highly likely that you can gain root.

    ... Thom
  4. tehsusenoh

    tehsusenoh Well-Known Member

    It's very likely it will be rootable, and if it isn't, we have tools like the OTA Rootkeeper. It worked when I went from .905 to .229 the first time.
  5. Thom

    Thom Guides Guide

    It might be there ... I would agree with "very likely" if it hadn't been for the Droid X fiasco ... and yes we can now test it before installing it ... and that is great.

    Here's what seems to allude a lot of people ... it has to exist before we test it ...

    ... Thom
  6. Somniferum

    Somniferum Well-Known Member

    Just to give some direct feedback on your specific question -- I am running the .232 ICS leak with Google Now and it is fantastic. Google Now accepts and returns voice, just like in the I/O conference demos. It remembers your home and work locations, gives you traffic updates, transit schedules, and on and on. If you are itching to try it and are comfortable flashing files I say go for it.
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  7. Dabrador

    Dabrador Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the feedback. One question concerning the Gallery. When I last tried the 230 leak, a few of the photos and videos I took previous to installing the leak would not appear while on 230. Do you see any of that in the Gallery?
  8. Somniferum

    Somniferum Well-Known Member

    I haven't had any problems with the Gallery on .232.
  9. dautley

    dautley VIP Member VIP Member

    No one is going to go out of their way to make a phone that isn't even sold anymore not rootable while the Droid 4 and Razr is. Even if for some reason the Bionic OTA of ICS isn't rootable odds are it won't stay that way for long.

    I haven't noticed any problems with Gallery, but you should look into a app called quikpic as a replacement. It's worth checking out. https://play.google.com/store/apps/...51bGwsMSwxLDMsImNvbS5hbGVuc3cuUGljRm9sZGVyIl0.
    Also are you sure the missing pictures were not stored on the internal SD? Always make sure your pictures are on ext SD if you can to avoid wiping them.
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  10. Thom

    Thom Guides Guide

    It is likely that the ICS OTA will be root-able. The Droid X is an example of a device that was no longer being sold and was arbitrarily made non-root-able. They went out of their way to do it at the last instant without warning.

    I concluded that it was a marketing move to see if they could get away with it.

    I Donalt know the conclusion.

    ... Thom
  11. Dabrador

    Dabrador Well-Known Member

    All the pictures are on the ext SD. When it happens, it's very random. For some reason when I install a leak, a small number of photos/videos will not show.

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