What website can give me unlock codes for my new mini pulse, need help asap pleaseSupport

  1. strobez1977

    strobez1977 Member

    Hi i bought a t mobile mini pulse and i need to get it unlocked so i can use my other sim in it as its locked to t mobile, what websites offer a unlocking service , i expect to pay so thats not a problem.


  2. ceedee

    ceedee Well-Known Member

    Copied from a post on MoDaCo:
    I and many other Pulse users have reported no problems using HTCCode.
  3. strobez1977

    strobez1977 Member

    i i just spoke to somone on live help and they said pay them directly to a paypal addy and then wait for the code to be sent to me tomorrow.

    cant i just use that software after paying and then insert the imei number?

    has this worked for anyone using the pulse mini???

  4. ceedee

    ceedee Well-Known Member

    I think you can get your unlock code either by using the software (as the instructions indicate) or by waiting for them to "notice" your Paypal payment.

    I know which method I'd prefer but you make your own choice!
  5. strobez1977

    strobez1977 Member

    yeh i want to get the unlock code now, have u used the software before?##what would u do?

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